CPS 1-3-5

CPS 1-3-5 (2001)

Type: Medium CPS Blaster Use: Special Ops
Range: 8/10 Endurance: 8/10 Nozzle: 5 1x nozzles
Ease of Use: 7/10 Price (2001): $24.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

Every few years Larami used to release a novelty Super Soaker of sorts. This blaster is most similar to the XP-85, a 1997 blaster that was capable of shooting three streams of water at useless angles. The CPS 1-3-5, when used as intended is an equally useless blaster. However, the CPS 1-3-5 could be useful for some special situations, but only while utilizing one nozzle.

The most disappointing thing about this blaster is that it replaced the beloved CPS-1700 only one year after it was released, quickly driving up demand for the remaining CPS-1700 blasters. The CPS 1-3-5 has five nozzles that can be deployed simultaneously in combinations of one nozzle, three nozzles, or all five. This is user controlled by how hard the trigger is squeezed. Lightly pressing the trigger will only make the first nozzle fire, depressing down further will trigger the other nozzles. While this is in fact pretty novel, because of the way the nozzles are positioned it is also pretty useless. The other four nozzles fire at such an angle that hitting a target even at close range with all five is improbable to say the least.

If this was not disappointing enough, the nozzles are rated about 1x, and this blaster when full weighs the same as a CPS-1500/1700. The pump is also one of the awkward newer styled ones. When would I use a CPS 1-3-5? The best situation to use this blaster is when water conservation is tantamount to survival. Because it only has a 1x nozzle, if you only fire one nozzle all the time it will last quite a while. When all XP users and CPS users have depleted their supply of water, it will probably just be you and the CPS-3200 user, though don?t count on beating that blaster.

1-3-5 nozzles Pros: Depletes the reservoir very slowly because of the small nozzles
Cons: Pretty much everything else
Rating: 4/10

Generation III and one half CPS Blaster
Preceded By: CPS-1700
Succeeded By: N/A
Item Number: 3124-0
© 2000 Larami Ltd.
Patents: RE35412, 5339987, 5758800, 5779101

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