CPS 1700

CPS-1700 (2000)

Type: Medium CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 10/10 Endurance: 9/10 Nozzle: 5x,10x
Ease of Use: 8/10 Price (2000): $24.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

The CPS-1700 was released in 2000. But the brain trust at Larami didnít slavishly spend months of time in research and testing. Instead they took a CPS-1500 and changed the color to blue, and voila the CPS-1700 is born. Did Larami believe the CPS-1500 was so perfect it needed to live on, or did everyone at a meeting agree that they were too lazy to develop a new medium sized CPS blaster for 2000? We will never know, but letís stick with the first story, because the CPS-1700 (and I guess the CPS-1500) is almost a perfect water blaster, and my all around favorite.

At first glance, the CPS-1700 looks intimidating. Itís much more impressive looking compared to the CPS-1000/1200, and the big round orange nozzle looks like it means business. Besides menacing looks, the CPS-1700 is well built, the only fault being the lack of a tracked pump, but no blaster is perfect. The CPS-1700 also comes with a strap that in the tradition of all Super Soaker straps will fall off in mid battle. Older people are probably better off ditching the strap, but I definitely still needed it when I was in junior high.

Using the CPS-1700 is simple and straight forward, and like the CPS-1000/1200 is great for inexperienced water warriors. Despite the appearance of having two pressure chambers, the CPS-1700 has just one, the one with the little air hole in the middle. The smaller one serves no purpose except to make this blaster look even gnarlier. The CPS-1700 has two nozzles rated at 5x and 10x, and switching them is ingenious. There is a little tab at the top and you simply move it up or down to change. This is incredibly easy and simple. The 5x nozzle is an excellent general purpose nozzle, delivering a CPS-1000/1200 style stream of water. The 10x is great when you have a perfect shot lined up, maximum soakage will befall your opponent. The downside to the 10x is that the firing chamber quickly drains and pumping the blaster back up can take some time, leaving you vulnerable. Both nozzles have great range, among the best of all Super Soakers ever manufactured. To maximize capacity fill up your blaster and then charge the pressure chamber, after the chamber is full refill the main reservoir. Refilling is very easy thanks to the nifty handle.

Because of the long list of strong points, engage in battle against a CPS-1700 with care. This is the most mobile and easy to use of the blasters with 10x nozzles. A CPS-1700 user is not only able to run fast, but also able to out soak most blasters. For this reason another CPS type blaster is necessary when battling this blaster.

Pros: Awesome power and range. Looks intimidating while still be easy to use
Cons: Itís a little bright. Inclusion of a tracked pump would have bumped this blaster up to a perfect score.
Rating: 9.5/10

Generation III CPS Blaster
Preceded By: CPS-1500
Succeeded By: CPS 1-3-5
Item Number: 9795-0
© 1997 Larami Ltd.
Patents: RE35412, 53399987

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