CPS 2100

CPS-2100 (2002)

Type: Compact CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 8/10 Endurance: 8.5/10 Nozzle: 5x
Ease of Use: 10/10 Price (2002): $19.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

The CPS-2100 was a highly anticipated blaster when news of its existence was first reported by Aqua-Zone in the fall of 2001. Upon its release and the years since the CPS-2100 has earned a worthy spot in a water warriors front line arsenal.

The CPS-2100 represents the standard of the 2002 line. The CPS-2100 has one nozzle (rated at 5x) that delivers a thick and potent stream of water. When compared to its larger cousins the CPS-1000 and the CPS-1200, the power of the stream of water is somewhat less, but the CPS-2100 has longer range then the 1000/1200. The CPS-2100 reservoir only holds 68 ounces of water. The relatively small reservoir makes this blaster one of the lightest of the CPS class. This Super Soaker is so light it does not come with a strap. Aesthetically the CPS-2100 looks like most early 2000s Super Soakers. It is colored red, yellow, and black. Decorative plastic molding is glued the sides of the CPS-2100. The CPS-2100 feels sturdy and solid, I am not afraid to be rough with the CPS-2100. The blaster feels fairly comfortable and easy to hold. One of the best features of the CPS-2100 is its tracked pump, something many Super Soaker enthusiasts wished for, and a definite upgrade over the pumps of the CPS-1000/1200. The pump glides very smoothly and is this blasters prime point; it also fills the pressure chamber fairly quickly.

Overall the CPS-2100 is an excellent small and easy to use CPS blaster. However, its compactness leaves it at a disadvantage over other CPS blasters when it comes to output and power. Care should be taken when combating other CPS users. The blasters agility and durability are its main selling points, not firepower.

Fighting against the CPS-2100: XP users beware, the CPS-2100 outclasses all XP Blasters. A well trained Max-D 6000 user may be a comparable match. CPS-1500/1700 and higher equipped users should have little trouble overpowering a CPS-2100 user.

Pros: Tracked pump, minimal pumping required. Light and powerful
Cons: Small reservoir, a little bright, and no strap
Rating: 7/10
Review Last Updated: 12/07, 5/20

Generation IV CPS CPS 2100
Preceded By: CPS-1200
Succeeded By: N/A
US Patent: 5,339,987; 5,779,099; 5,799,827 & 5,875,927
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 40100

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