CPS 2100

CPS-2100 (2002)

Type: Compact CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 8/10 Endurance: 8.5/10 Nozzle: 5x
Ease of Use: 10/10 Price (2002): $19.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

The CPS-2100 was a highly anticipated blaster when news of its existence was first reported by Aqua-Zone in the fall of 2001. Upon its release and the years since the CPS-2100 has earned a worthy spot in a water warriors front line arsenal.

The CPS-2100 represents the standard of the 2002 line. The CPS-2100 has one nozzle (rated at 5x) that delivers a thick and potent stream of water. When compared to its larger cousins the CPS-1000 and the CPS-1200, the power of the stream of water is somewhat less, but the CPS-2100 has longer range then the 1000/1200. The CPS-2100’s reservoir only holds 68-OZs of water. The smaller reservoir makes this blaster one of the lightest of the CPS class, so light it does not come with a strap. Aesthetically the CPS-2100 looks like most early 2000s Super Soakers. It is colored red, yellow, and black. Decorative plastic molding is glued the sides of the CPS-2100. The CPS-2100 feels sturdy and solid, I am not afraid to be rough with the CPS-2100. The blaster feels fairly comfortable and easy to hold. One of the best features of the CPS-2100 is its tracked pump, something many Super Soaker enthusiasts wished for. The pump glides very smoothly and is this blasters prime point; it also fills the pressure chamber fairly quickly.

Overall the CPS-2100 is an excellent small and easy to use CPS blaster. However, it is just that… a small CPS Blaster. Care should be taken when combating other CPS users. The blasters agility and durability are its main selling points, not firepower.

Fighting against the CPS-2100: XP users beware, the CPS-2100 outclasses all XP Blasters. A well trained Max-D 6000 user may be a comparable match. CPS-1500/1700 and higher equipped users should have little trouble overpowering a CPS-2100 user.

Pros: Tracked pump, minimal pumping required. Light and powerful
Cons: Small reservoir, a little bright, and no strap
Rating: 7/10
Review Last Updated: DECEMBER 2007

Generation IV CPS CPS 2100
Preceded By: CPS-1200
Succeeded By: N/A
US Patent: 5,339,987; 5,779,099; 5,799,827 & 5,875,927
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 40100

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