CPS 2700

CPS-2700 (2000)

Type: Heavy CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 8/10 Endurance: 7/10 Nozzle: 2x,5x,10x
Ease of Use: 4/10 Price (2000): $29.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

The CPS-2700 was released in 2000 as a heavy CPS blaster intended to replace the CPS-2500. Although I have never personally used a CPS-2500, I believe the CPS-2700 to be an inferior blaster. The CPS-2500 followed the design pattern of the CPS-2000, but the CPS-2700 is difficult to use, and does not have a nozzle rated at 20x. The CPS-2700 sports a 2x nozzle which can fire for a long time for a CPS blaster, a 5x, and maxes out at 10x. If Larami did not want to include a 20x nozzle in the litigious times we live in, they could have at least compromised with a 15x. Changing nozzles on this blaster is arduous, because of the flower shaped plastic shield blocking them. When I used this blaster I had to move it closer to me to change nozzles, which would have cost me valuable time had I ever used this in a water battle. Perhaps the main drawback of the CPS-2700 is the pump. It is located detached from the main body of the blaster, making it hard to pump and hold the trigger simultaneously. Not only is the pump in a bad spot, the way it sticks out makes it seem fragile.

Priced at $29.99 upon release, and surely more on E-Bay in the 2010s, the CPS-2700 is not worth the money in my opinion. If you were to get one, pick the 2001 edition since it is less bright and more usable in a night fight. Sporting a nozzle the same output as a CPS-1500/1700, and being cumbersome, I would pass on this blaster. I found this blaster so not worth my time that it is one of the few Super Soakers I have ever sold. Of course, the CPS-2700 does have some advantages. The blaster has a very large capacity, the largest of any non-backpack CPS Super Soaker. You can totally fill your firing chamber about five times before refilling. However, this bright spot is marred by the heavy weight of the blaster, better start lifting weights to use this for hours. The range of the CPS-2700 is good, and the power is formidable. However, the cumbersomeness and heavy weight of this blaster always made me keep the CPS-2700 on the sidelines. Stick with a CPS-1700 if you can.

Fighting against the CPS-2700: Although this blaster may look quite large and fearsome, it packs power comparable to a CPS-1500/1700. Although it is a difficult blaster to use, XP and lower class CPS users should consider a fully loaded and charged CPS-2700 user a big threat to their dryness.

Pros: Huge capacity, great range, powerful
Cons: Flimsy and the 2000 model is VERY bright.
Rating: 5.5/10
Review Updated: July 2012 (Edited)

2000 edition of the CPS-2700 (image from Isoaker.com)

Generation III CPS Blaster
Preceded By: CPS-2500
Succeeded By: N/A

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