CPS 4100

CPS-4100 (2002)

Type: Medium CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 8/10 Endurance: 9/10 Nozzle: 3x, 8x, specialty
Ease of Use: 6.5/10 Price (2002): $29.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber

The CPS-4100 was the medium sized blaster of its class from 2002 to 2003. It is very closely related to the Monster 2001 edition, and seems identical except for the lack of QFD compatibility. Although some may see this as a drawback, it seems to lead to performance improvements when matched against the Monster 2001.

When compared to the Monster 2001, the CPS-4100 had a range and output that exceeded my expectations. Sporting a tracked pump, the CPS-4100 pumps more easily compared to a CPS-1200 or CPS-1700, and you don?t have to worry about pump breakage. Although the pump may be a welcome improvement over the 1998 and 2000 blasters of this class, the handle is rather awkward for adult sized hands. The CPS-4100 has nozzles that vary from about 3.5x to 8x, and it is equipped with a few special nozzles of varying utility. Since the reservoir isn't particularly large, operating on 8x will drain the reservoir fairly quickly. Like the Monster line, changing nozzles on the CPS-4100 is difficult, and for this reason I don't recommend it for inexperienced users. When the CPS-4100 was still readily available I recommended it because it had an excellent balance of weight, power, and range. However, now that it has been off the shelf for many years I believe you would be better off purchasing a CPS-1200 or CPS-1700 if they are around the same price as a CPS-4100 being offered. The CPS-4100 while a good blaster in its own right is not on par with the 1998 or 2000 line of Super Soakers.

Pros: Multiple nozzles, tracked pump
Cons: Low capacity, awkward handle, hard to change nozzles
Rating: 7.5/10
Review Updated: JUNE 2012

Generation IV CPS Blaster
Preceded By: Monster (2001)
Succeeded By: N/A

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