CPS-Splashzooka 65-oz. (2001)

Type: Medium CPS Blaster Use: Primary
Range: 8.5/10 Endurance: 7/10 Nozzle: 3x
Ease of Use: 10/10 Price (2001): $19.99 USD
Pressurizes Via: CPS Pressure Chamber Note: Can only use QFD

The CPS Splashzooka 65oz was one of two CPS series blasters released in 2001 (the other being the novelty CPS 1-3-5). It is the second Super Soaker designed to require no pumping (the first was the SC Power Pak in 1999), but this means it can only be filled via the Super Charger Quick Fill Device. Where a pump should be located, a black hand rest resembling a pump exists. When it was first released some members of the online water warfare community speculated it would be the first of a series of Splashzooka blasters, which is why Larami chose to add 65oz to the name of the blaster. However, this blaster turned out to be a one-off design. I had two Splashzookas, one broke during a blaster modification, the other for unknown reasons. This leads me to question the reliability of this blaster.

The Splashzooka is an impressive Super Soaker. It has a nozzle that I would rate at about 3.5x and can fire at above 70% power for over twenty seconds. This can give you a large and always ready reservoir of water if the user is not trigger happy. This blaster also has excellent range and easily fires over twenty feet, I measured about twenty four. Since the Splashzooka is designed to operate in the vicinity of a hose with a QFD, it is only good for water fights with a nearby hose. Because of the large size of the reservoir/firing chamber it is a tad bulky. This blaster is not heavy, but some people on the internet would have preferred it to include a shoulder strap, myself included. But, the Splashzooka is easy enough to use with just one hand, because no pumping is required. Overall the Splashzooka is an excellent Super Soaker if one has ready access to a QFD, and even an inexperienced user can tangle with XP/Max-D and light CPS blasters.

Fighting against the CPS Splashzooka: This is a difficult blaster to battle against. The standard tactic of waiting until the pressure chamber depletes, or staying out of range is not really applicable to the Splashzooka because it can fire so long and has great range. All XP/Max-D users should approach with caution. Heavy class CPS users can try to go for a direct hit with a 10x nozzle or above.

Pros: Good range, great shot time, no pumping
Cons: Small Nozzle, can only be filled at QFD, no strap
Rating: 8.5/10
Review Updated: July 2012

Generation III and one half CPS Blaster
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: N/A

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