Welcome to Aqua-Zone's 2013 Revised Edition FAQ. This area provides general question and answer for basic soaker questions, as well as question and answers about Aqua-Zone. If you think something should be added to the FAQ please contact me.

Super Soaker F.A.Q.

Who created the Super Soaker? The Super Soaker was first designed in the late 1980s by Lonnie Johnson, an aerospace engineer. He brought his idea to Larami Limited.

What was the first Super Soaker? The design created by Mr. Johnson closely resembles the Super Soaker 50, which is considered the first Super Soaker.

What was Larami Limited? Larami Limited was a manufacturer of toys founded in 1947. Once the Super Soaker brand was launched that became their primary focus. Larami was purchased by Hasbro Corporation in 1995, but Hasbro did not dismember the Larami team and brand name until 2002. In 1995, Larami sold $100 million of Super Soaker products that year alone.

Why did Hasbro reduce the power of Super Soakers?Aqua-Zone assumes that due to the current litigious and cautious nature of society, toys as powerful as pre-2003 Super Soakers have no place in the market. It would be a liability to market a CPS-2000 to a ten year old in 2013.

What are Aqua-Zone’s favorite Super Soakers? The CPS-1700 is the all around favorite, other notables include the CPS-1000, SC-600, and XP-150.

Website Related F.A.Q.

How many people run AquaZone? One

Why aren't new Super Soakers listed? They are not manufactured by Larami Limited, the original producer of Super Soaker.

Who is your web host? ICDsoft.com

Why do you use PHP? Originally I used ASP, but since my current server does not support it I made an easy switch to PHP. Basically PHP lets me update about 4 or 5 files to change the entire site layout instead of updating each and every page.

How often do you have water fights? Not often at all :(

Why the name AquaZone? Originally I was thinking of SoakerCentral,then Aqueduct, now Aqua-Zone and that’s it. I have a thing for Zone I think I had a old one page Angelfire site called PSXZone lost the URL. Through the years the default spelling has shifted from AquaZone to Aqua-Zone.

Where do you buy your soakers? 90% of the time Toys R US, I've also bought at KB Toys (R.I.P.), Rite Aid, WAL*Mart, and K-Mart.

What do you use to run Aqua-Zone? Notepad and my servers File Manager.

How long are you going to keep running AquaZone? I don't think I'll ever have the heart to let the web hosting expire.

How did you get into soakers? Loved them since I can remember. My first blaster was a SS-100 in 1991.