The XP Family Tree is divided into four generations. In general, Larami made substantial lineup changes on even years. On an even year the previous generation of Super Soakers was usually retired. Odd years usually introduced one or two new Super Soakers that complimented the lineup of the previous years. Often times, these odd year Super Soakers were more experimental, such as the XP-85, XP-90, and XP Backfire.

Small XP Super Soakers: Super Soakers which are considered small Super Soakers are compact and easily used with one hand and fit into small backpacks easily.

Light XP Super Soakers: These Super Soakers are distinguished by their larger size compared to small blasters. Light blasters also use pressurized reservoir technology.

Medium XP Super Soakers: While Medium XP Super Soakers are often comparable in size to light XP Super Soakers, these water guns feature a separate pressurized chamber.

Heavy XP Super Soakers: These Super Soakers are substantially larger. Heavy XP Super Soakers were last produced during the second generation of XP water guns. After 1998, the CPS fine fully supplanted the heavy XP type.

Generation I XP (1994-95)

Small: XP-35
Light: XP-75 | XP-55
Medium: XP-150 | XP-95
Heavy: XP-250 | XP-300

Generation II XP (1996-97)

Small: N/A
Light: XP-65 | XP-85
Medium: XP-105 | XXP-175
Heavy: XXP-275

Generation III XP (1998-99)

Small: XP-15 | XP-20 | XP-40
Light: XP-90
Medium: XP-70 | XP-110
Heavy: N/A

Generation IV XP (2000-01)

Small: XP-220 | XP-240 | XP-215
Light: XP Backfire | XP Triple Play
Medium: XP-270 | XP-310
Heavy: N/A

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