XP 105

XP-105 (1996)

The XP-105 is a second generation heavy XP blaster and replacement for the XP-150. The XP-105 was replaced by the XP-110 in 1998, the XP-310 in 2000, and Max-D 6000 in 2002. The XP-105 and XP-110 are very similar in appearance at first glance, but are different. The XP-105 like the XP-110 has two purple pressure tanks and a purple screw on reservoir. However, the reservoir and pressure chambers in the XP-105 are not translucent, making it hard to judge how much water is in the reservoir. The pressure in this blaster is fairly powerful and it stings when getting hit at close range. The XP-105's pump feels sturdy but don't keep it extended too long, if you fall the pump will most likely snap. The weapon has a pressure gauge, the first XP to have one. The gauge on the one I used was broken in about a year. The XP-105 these days is can?t hold it?s own against modern cap based reservoirs, especially in the hands of a novice. Water warriors with 105?s are recommended to put them down for a Max-D 6000. The blue and purple color scheme of the XP-105 was continued by the XP-110, but abandoned in 2000. Overall, the XP-105 is a decent blaster that can hold it's own against most other XP blasters. If you're an experienced user you can take on lower CPS blasters with quick attacks, shoot them and before they can move their more cumbersome Super Soaker to the right spot. Just be careful during reloads, the screw-on reservoir is a real pain in the ass to deal with compared to the modern cap reservoirs.
Rating: 6.5/10
Review Updated: JUNE 2012 (Edited)

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