XP 110

XP-110 (1998)

Type: Heavy XP Blaster
Use: Primary Blaster
Endurance: High
The XP-110 is a heavy XP blaster released by Larami in 1998. It is part of the XP-150/105 line and the direct successor to the XP-105. It was replaced by the XP-310 in 2000, and the Max-D 6000 in 2002. The XP-110 in many ways improves upon the XP-105, in ease of use especially. The XP-110 has a cap for quick refills, giving it a big advantage of the XP-105. It too has a pressure gauge. Unfortunately, the pressure tanks are smaller then the XP-150?s and there is no tracked pump. Therefore, the XP-150 is still preferred over the XP-110. The stream of water seems more well defined, but the XP-150 still out shows it in range and power. The XP-110 is a good primary blaster as long as no larger sized CPS blasters are on the prowl. It also makes an ideal blaster for an escort of a large sized CPS like the Monster X or CPS-3200. In general, the XP-110 is a solid and compact blaster that is well built. My XP-110 was purchased in 1998, and was my primary blaster until 2000. I found it to be very good and reliable, I was able to stand my ground against my CPS-1000 wielding adversaries as long as I didn't get too close to them.

Rating: 7/10
Last Updated: JUNE 2012 (Edited), April 21, 2004 (based upon original review)

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