XP 150

XP-150 (1994)

The XP-150 is a first generation XP blaster. It was first released in 1994 with gray, red, blue, purple, and yellow colors. It was again released several years later with green, orange, and purple colors. The later model is often referred to as the XP-150 Classic by collectors.

The XP-150 has a dedicated fan base, and many Super Soaker enthusiasts believe that the XP-150 is the finest XP type blaster ever released. Compared with later blasters, such as the XP-310 and the Max-D 6000 the XP-150 pumps quicker, and remains at full power longer. The XP-150 does have one drawback when compared to its later cousins. It has a screw-on reservoir. The screw-on reservoir is prone to warping and leaking. Reloading is much more complicated with the XP-150 when compared to a Max-D or late 1990s XP rifle.

The XP-150 features two pressure chambers that hold a large volume of water. The XP-150 pressure chambers hold more water then both the XP-110 and the XP-310. Separate pressure chambers mean that the blaster can be fired even with the reservoir screwed off as long as there is water remaining in the pressure chambers. Pumping is a breeze with the XP-150 thanks to a tracked pump. The comfortable tracked pump alleviates fears of pump snapping and breakage so common to blasters that don?t feature a tracked pump. The trigger guard and handle leave ample room for even a regular sized adult's hand. The construction feels sturdy and well made. After nearly a decade of use, both XP-150s in Aqua-Zone's possession still function perfectly and still feel as solid as a rock.

Power and range are another of the XP-150's many strengths. The pump quickly delivers water to the pressure chambers and fires a powerful stream of water an excellent distance. Firing time is very good. The stream of water is thick and powerful. The XP-150s relatively small size when compared to CPS class blasters, quick pump time, and powerful stream allow it to combat blasters of a much larger size, an experienced Super Soaker veteran could easily soak a poorly trained CPS user. The XP-150 deserves its place in history among the best.

Pros: Solidly Built, Fast Pumping, Good Power
Cons: Screw on reservoir, Large firing chamber means quick reservoir depletion
Review Last Updated: July 2007

Generation One XP
Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: XP-105
US Patent: D348912, 5,339,987
Item Number: 9979-0

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