XP 215

XP-215 (2001)

The XP-215 is one of the smallest sized XP blasters released seemingly as an after thought in 2001 to replace the XP-15. It replaced the XP-15, which had enjoyed a long run of 1998-2000. It's design closely follows the XP-220, even the color scheme. Despite the tiny size of the XP-215, it is pretty useful. The most fun part of the XP-215 is that it is small enough to use in the hose without causing too much trouble. Although the size of many cheap little water guns, the XP-215 out performs all of them. It can be quickly pumped and ready for action in seconds. The XP-215 is really too small to use in most water fights, except as a sneak attack blaster. However, when judged just on it's tiny size, the XP-215 is worthy of the Super Soaker name.

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