XP 220

XP-220 (2000)

Type: Small XP Use: Backup
Range: 6/10 Endurance: High Nozzle: 1x
Ease of Use: High Price: ~$6 USD (2000)
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The XP-220 is a small XP blaster that was released with the 2000 line of Super Soakers, and serves as an excellent replacement for the XP-20. This blaster is rather deceiving, it packs a great punch despite the tiny size. It has an interesting trigger system that was introduced in 2000. The user has to squeeze the yellow part to make the blaster fire. People with larger hands complain that it can be annoying at times. Basically it?s a pretty boring Super Soaker with no real special pros. The shot time and capacity is adequate for a blaster of this size. Overall, this blaster is good for sneak attacks and last ditch efforts. A slightly larger Super Soaker with higher capacity would make a better backup.

Last Updated: June 2012 (edited), April 21, 2004 (based on original review)

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