XP 240

XP-240 (2000)

Type: Small XP Use: Backup
Range: 6.5/10 Endurance: High Nozzle: 1x
Ease of Use: High Price: ~$8 USD (2000)
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The XP-240 is a small sized XP blaster that was released in 2000. It is the replacement for the XP-40, and it was a lead blaster in the realm of small blasters until the arrival of the Max-D class in 2002. The XP-240 has good water capacity and holds much more then the XP-40. Pumping is smooth and easy and one may tell their blaster if fully pumped when they hear a sound like a whoopee cushion. Range is good, though the trigger system leaves something to be desired, people with larger hands may find it uncomfortable to hold. The XP-240 was replaced in 2002 by the Max-D 3000/4000. Overall, the XP-240 is a good choice as a backup. It could never be a primary except in an all small sized Super Soaker battle.

Last Updated:June 2012 (edited),April 22, 2004 (based on 2001 review)

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