XP 270

XP-270 (2000)

Type: Medium XP Use: Light Primary
Range: 7/10 Endurance: High
Ease of Use: Very Good Price: ~$10 USD (2000)

The XP-270 is part of the 2000 XP lineup and is the replacement for the XP-70. The XP-270 is the last medium sized XP/Max-D type of blaster to feature a separate pressure chamber, this was done away with in the Max-D 5000, which was the replacement for the XP-270. The XP-270 was a choice blaster among the younger crowd, and made a great scouting weapon. The XP-270 features 25% more water then the XP-70. The blaster feels fairly sturdy, and seems it can take a beating (not as well as Max-D?s though). Pumping wise the XP-270 charges smooth and quickly even though the style of the pump is the less conventional one, but by these days a lot more blasters on the market have this kind of pump. After comparing both the XP-70 and the XP-270 they perform the same except that the XP-270 has more water. The Max-D 5000 may be able to out match the 270 due to the extended range of the 5000, despite the fact it doesn't have a separate pressure chamber. In general the XP-270 is a great backup or sidearm, it is not powerful enough to contend against heavy XP blasters or the CPS lineup.

Rating: 6/10
Review Updated: June 2012 (Edited)

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