XP 40

XP-40 (1998)

Type: Small XP Use: Backup
Range: 7/10 Endurance: High
Ease of Use: High Price: ~$8 USD (2000)
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The XP-40 was released as part of the 1998 lineup of XP blasters. The XP-40 is a small sized XP blaster that replaced the XP-35. The XP-40 was replaced in 2000 by the bulkier but higher capacity XP-240. The main purpose of these types of small Super Soakers are sneak attacks and backups. In terms of sneak attacks the XP-40 probably serves better then the XP-240 since it is smaller and easier to conceal. In terms of a backup blaster, I lean towards selecting the XP-240 because it has a higher capacity. If I was going to be away from a hose for a while, I'd select a XP-240 or Max-D 3000 to use over the XP-40. The XP-40 pumps very fast and you know it is fully pumped when it makes a distinct sound that resembles a whoopee cushion. I was impressed with both the range and output of the XP-40, I expected such a small blaster to not be as capable. A great thing about the XP-40 is that it has a large sized cap for quick refills. Once refilled a user can be back in action in seconds. The XP-40 An ideal blaster for small kids just learning the joy of a water fight. It makes a good side arm except for the fact it runs out of water pretty fast. In general this blaster is pretty antiquated with the arrival of Max-D technology, but if you have one it is certainly worth using.

Rating: 6.5/10
Review Updated: JUNE 2012 (Edited)

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