XP 65

XP-65 (1996)

The XP-65 is second generation middle sized XP blaster. The XP-65 is one of my favorite smaller sized blasters. Many other members of the water war community call it underpowered, I think it?s a great backup. The XP-65 is also riot blast capable, even though I have never personally tried to use it. The XP-65 has an orange reservoir and uses pressurized reservoir technology to power it. The 65's pump is a bit strange. It has a different style pump that you can't move around by rotating like most other XP blasters. The XP-65 has decent range and power. Unlike most other webmasters I love the XP-65 and recommend it as secondary blaster. However, these days it is outclassed by most Max-D type blasters. Overall the XP-65 is recommended as a back up or a primary blaster for light skirmishes.

Fighting with the XP-65 Don't get cocky, it's not recommended to use the XP-65 facing the XP-270 or above. It may be a good back up but in a water-war, but when matched against Max-D and CPS, a sub par main Super Soaker.

Rating: 6.5/10
Review Updated: JUNE 2012 (edit of original)

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