XP 70

XP-70 (1998)

Several years ago, in an average kid's home the standard issue was the XP-70. It represented power at a price mom and dad would not mind. The XP-70 makes a decent backup or sidearm or even main blaster in some situations. The XP-70 is the smallest blaster to feature a separate firing chamber. Its firing chamber and reservoir are blue with a yellow body. It holds a decent amount of water, but it can quickly be wasted. I much more recommend the XP-270, its bigger and better cousin which replaced the XP-70 in 2000. However, I prefer the XP-70 over the Max-D 5000. When compared to the last generation of XP blasters the XP-70 is decidedly obsolete. Production of the XP-70 stopped in 1999, and the last time I saw one on a shelf was May 2000. Overall, the XP-70 is a very average Super Soaker. The XP-70 is slightly too large to be a backup, and too small to be a primary blaster that can compete with larger XP and Max-D blasters.

Fighting with the XP-70: A perfect scout weapon.
Fighting against the XP-70: While it may be small, it can still wet you, keep away from it until it runs out of pressure. Or pick off the user from afar.

Pros: Separate pressure chamber
Cons: Small reservoir, small nozzle
Rating: 5.5/10

Image from Isoaker.com

This Review was last updated: JUNE 2012 (EDITED), APRIL 2004, based on the original 2001 Review

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