XP 75

XP-75 (1994)

The XP-75 is a first generation XP mid-sized blaster, that until recently (2001) was fairly available. The XP-75 has one large reservoir which doubles as a compression chamber. Like some classics and first generation XP blasters that have a screw on reservoir, the threads on the Super Soaker easily damage which can cause leaking. Some reports in the water-war community say a XP-75 when over pumped can pop its tank and lift the reservoir a foot or so in the air. The pump itself glides nicely on a track and it is easy to tell when it's fully pumped. The shot time and power is nothing impressive. This mediocre blasters best feature is its riot blast capability which can instantly drench an opponent at close range, but it almost always drains all your pressure. The riot blast is created by removing the nozzle of the blaster. Overall, now over shadowed by a plethora of better Super Soakers, the XP-75 just doesn't hold up. I would neither endorse it as a backup or primary blaster.

Fighting with the XP-75
If you are stuck with this blaster remember not to over pump to keep the weapon from leaking and the reservoir from potentially popping . The blaster has poor range so try to contend with CPS users by letting them shoot first, which will drain their pressure. You hopefully will dodge the blast and remove your nozzle to use the riot blast. Remember, the riot blast drains all of your pressure.

Fighting against the XP-75
Even though it?s likely that your weapon has the advantage, you must remember that in the hands of a well trained user a close range riot blast can out soak a small CPS, snipe it from out of the riot blasts range and you'll be fine.

Pros : Good riot blast, cheap.
Cons: Easily leaks, and with no riot blast not much of a threat.
Rating: 5/10

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