XP 75

XP-75 (1994)

Type: Light XP Use: Light Primary
Range: 5/10 Endurance: Light Nozzle: 3x
Ease of Use: 5/10 Price (2000): $10 USD
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir
Photo Note: Nozzle is missing

The XP-75 is a first generation light XP Super Soaker, that until about 2001 was fairly available. The XP-75 has one large reservoir which also pressurizes the water gun. The XP-75 has a screw on reservoir, which is prone to damage and leakage. This is a flaw found in many Super Soakers which are refilled this way. In the early 2000s, some community members also reported that the XP-75 was prone to popping its tank when over pressurized. This has never happened to the XP-75 owned by Aqua-Zone. The output, firing time, and range of the XP-75 is average for a mid-1990s Super Soaker.

On the plus side, the XP-75 has a tracked pump, minimizing the potential for breakage. The pump glides smoothly and it is easy to tell when the water gun has been fully pressurized. Another admirable feature of this water gun is the ability to easily unscrew the nozzle. Within the water warfare community this is called a riot blast. When a fully pressurized XP-75 is fired with the nozzle removes it can instantly drench an opponent at close range. However, the downside is that the pressure of the Super Soaker almost instantaneously drops to zero. My XP-75 is missing its nozzle, a testament to the fact that is was primarily used for its riot blast

Overall, the XP-75 is over shadowed by other blasters of the XP lineup, even other water guns that utilize the pressurized reservoir system. My XP-75 has not seen much use and I would be hesistant to recommend as a primary or backup choice.

Fighting with the XP-75
If you are stuck with this blaster remember not to over pump to keep the weapon from leaking and the reservoir from potentially popping . The blaster has mediocre range so try to contend with CPS users by letting them shoot first, which will drain their pressure. You hopefully will dodge the blast and remove your nozzle to use the riot blast. Remember, the riot blast drains all of your pressure.

Fighting against the XP-75
Even though it is likely that your water gun has the advantage, you must remember that in the hands of a well trained user a close range riot blast can out soak a small CPS. Snipe the XP-75 user from out of the riot blast range and you will be fine.

Pros : Good riot blast, cheap (when available).
Cons: Easily leaks, only a threat when using riot blast.
Rating: 5/10

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