XP 90

XP-90 (1999)

The XP-90 was released in 1999, an odd numbered year. Between 1996 and 2001 Larami continued to sell the product line designed in the even year (1998 blasters would be available in 1999 and so on). It supplemented these blasters with one or two new soakers on the odd year. Often these were novelty blasters like the XP-85, the XP-90 falls into this category. The XP-90 features a pulsating nozzle which was supposed to deliver more power and just be plain cool, since you could now have a Super Soaker that fired like a machine gun. The commercial with the Super Soaker mascot of the late 1990s Sarge running around with a Pulse Fire made the then young and naive me run down to the store and buy one. I was immediately dissatisfied with the XP-90. The XP-90 lacks range as well as power, and I found myself easily outclassed in all Super Soaker fights, especially since many of my rivals sported CPS-1000s. The Pulsating nozzle feature turned out to be pretty useless, luckily it can be disabled. However, even with the pulsating feature turned off, the blaster still delivers a lack luster stream of water. Money could much better be invested at that time in a Super Charger 500, something I always regretted not purchasing. The XP-90 was discontinued the next year, and while Larami has claimed to consider creating a new Pulse Fire weapon that idea never happened.

Rating: 5/10
Review Last Updated: JUNE 2012 (EDITED), APRIL 2004, brand new review

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