XP 95

XP-95 (1995)

I remember getting my XP-95 very vividly. It was the spring of 1995 and I needed a Super Soaker for the annual jog-a-thon event at my school (two years later Super Soakers would be banned, too many people started bringing XP-250s and XXP-275s). I picked the XP-95 from the many blasters available believing it would be the best balance of size and power. It was replacing my first Super Soaker 100 which broke the previous summer. I remember being very displeased with the XP-95 at the event. Primarily because the reservoir depleted so quickly, and I was forced to jog (more like walk) half the route with no blaster and face being picked off by upper class-men. This was my first experience with the fact that the reservoir of classic blasters always lasted longer since the nozzle was smaller. The next year I brought my friends Super Soaker 100.

Personal feelings aside, many collectors view the XP-95 to be a baby XP-150, and consider it an ideal backup. However, I am more skeptical about the XP-95. The XP-95 is known to have either a yellow or green firing chamber, my 1995 one had a green one. Some strong points about the XP-95 are the tracked pump to prevent breaks. This pump quickly pressurizes the blaster. The XP-95 can be used for riot blast if the nozzle is unscrewed, something many enthusiasts appreciate about this blaster. When fired it has decent range and packs a good punch. I would consider the XP-95 superior to the XP-70 and lower class XP blasters, but believe most Max-D class blasters can outclass the 95. The major draw back of the XP-95 is the screw on reservoir, which is always prone to leaking. Because of the screw on reservoir, I would prefer to use a XP-70 over this blaster. I am not saying the XP-95 is a bad blaster, I just think more modern blasters are easier to use. The benefits of the XP-95 do not outweigh the drawbacks of using such an antiquated soaker. This is not the case with all blasters of this era, I would prefer a XP-150 over a XP-110.

Fighting with the XP-95
You have the range to eliminate any other XP Rifles of the same class, and you pack a powerful punch at close range especially with riot blast. The usual word of warning for XP's stay away from CPS applies.

Fighting against the XP-95
If you have any weapon larger then the XP-150 just charge em.

Pros:Good power, not a lot of pumps,and good range
Cons:Leaky reservoir
Review Updated: JUNE 2012

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