XP Backfire

XP-Backfire (2001)

The XP-Backfire, what a cute idea having a gun that can fire backwards and forwards. However, since this blaster was released on an even year, we already knew it would probably suck. Like most cute ideas they don't make practical ideas, the Backfire is one of those. This is one of the most awkward Super soakers I ever had to deal with. Almost but not as bad as the CPS-2700's awkwardness (the award winner for awkward). Once you do get the grip for it you'll notice pumping is strange and it took a lot of pumps. When you try to fire it, sometimes you may even fire the Back nozzle off when you want the front to fire because your so used to it. As the name implies the Backfire backfires on you a lot. The word backfire is used when something you planned goes wrong and you wind up getting sabotaged, so the name really works. With the Backfire that's not hard, you often find that you soak yourself or one of your team mates easier then you soak the enemy. This blaster suffers from a poor stream lacking power and range. I'm pretty sure a Classic SS-50 could take on the Backfire and come out the victor. It uses pressurized reservoir technology and it's easy to find your self out of water from firing it too much. Overall, if you waste your money on this you'll get two XP-220s slapped together. If you do happen to find an enemy dumb enough not to see the back nozzle and get him soaked it can be kind of funny I imagine. This blaster will Backfire on you, so don't bother.

Rating: 3/10--- I think that's the lowest rating ever on Aqua-Zone
Page Updated: June 2012 (edited)

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