XXP 175

XXP-175 (1996)

The XXP-175 was released in 1996, and was one of two blasters in the XXP offshoot of the XP line. It was released before the advent of most CPS blasters, the lone exception being the CPS-2000. Upon its release it was easily one of the most capable Super Soakers available. However, it is now easily outclassed by any CPS type blaster. Regardless, the XXP-175 is still a fun blaster to use, and is one of the most capable of the XP/XXP line.

The XXP-175 is almost like two XP-65 blasters glued together. The XXP-175 has two reservoirs that each holds 32-ozs (64-ozs total). It takes a fair amount of pumping to fully charge the blaster, but they are quick and easy pumps. The XXP-175 pumps relatively quietly, a plus when stealth is a concern. Writing this review in 2011, I was impressed how well this blaster has held up through the years. It is easy to know when the XXP-175 is fully charged thanks to the nifty pressure gauge conveniently located along the top of the blaster (that still functions as of 2011). Squeezing the trigger releases two fairly potent streams of water. The XXP-175 has a good range, and the blaster goes on firing for an acceptable amount of time (about eight seconds at a potent strength). I don?t recommend you allow the pressure to fully discharge, since it does take a little bit of pumping to restore sufficient pressure. Because the XXP-175 has two separate reservoirs reloading naturally takes more time compared to a single screw-on reservoir or a cap based reservoir. An experienced Super Soaker user will be able to quickly reload the blaster; however a novice may find having to reload two reservoirs cumbersome.

Structurally, I have always been pleased with the build quality of this blaster. The reservoir snugly locks into place, and the pump even survived a fall from a tree in the early 2000s. You may notice in my picture the pump is slightly crooked, a good battle scar. A tracked pump would have been an improvement but I speculate the blaster is not long enough to accommodate one.

Bringing an XXP-175 to a water fight is not a bad idea. An experienced Super Soaker user can take advantage of its compact design and light weight as well as its two nozzles. A less experienced user may be better off with a XP-310 or Max-D 6000 since reloading is much simpler. Overall I still enjoy using the XXP-175 and believe it is one of Larami?s finer products.

Fighting with the XXP-175: Use the XXP-175?s compact size and light weight to out maneuver your competition (compared to a CPS) . Having two nozzles also means you can be less precise while aiming.

Fighting against the XXP-175: An experienced XXP-175 user can pose a challenge to many CPS blasters. Try to draw the 175 user into a long engagement that exhausts the pressure and water supply of the blaster. A direct hit from a CPS class blaster will inflict much more damage in a single shot than you are capable of returning.

Pros: Two nozzles, light weight, excellent construction, the XXP-175 fires for a long time.
Cons: Long reloads, takes a lot of pumping to fully charge.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (unchanged since 2004)
Review Updated: July 2011

pressure gauge
The pressure gauge on the XXP175 is very reliable and still works after over 10 years.

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