XXP 275

XXP-275 (1996)

The XXP-275 was released alongside the XXP-175 in 1996 as part of the one year one line of XXP blasters. The extra X denoted the dual nozzles. The XXP-275 strongly resembles the XP-250, and almost looks like two of these blasters fused together. The XXP-275 features several nozzles. It also sports a much welcomed shoulder strap, but like every other shoulder strap it will break. It has two green firing chambers and one green reservoir that has a cap for easy refilling. It has a different type of trigger system than most Super Soakers. It has a lever trigger that can make the blaster unwieldy to operate, and complicates a user who wants to pump and fire at the same time. The XXP-275 would have been the supreme Super Soaker, except the CPS-2000 was released at the same time quickly overshadowing all the XP's. It's just sad it is still not available, it was an effective water blaster. The last time I saw one was 1998. The XXP-275 can hold its ground in most water fights and can take on lower class CPS users. During a water war I had a Super Charger PowerPak and the XXP-275 user got some shots off me when I was out of range. Max-D blasters may have trouble taking out a well trained 275 user.

Rating: 7/10
Review Updated: JUNE 2012 (EDITED)

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