Aqua-Zone Mission Statement

The Aqua-Zone exists to provide those interested in water warfare and Super Soakers a comprehensive website featuring interesting and detailed reviews as well as basic strategies and tips about water warfare. Visitors to Aqua-Zone are provided a clean layout and easy to use navigation, to facilitate their learning experience.

A Note from the Webmaster

I started the Aqua-Zone in the year 2000. I was a junior high student with a penchant for water fights and computers. Needless to say, a lot has changed about myself and the world since the year 2000. I only had a handful of Super Soakers, and absolutely no knowledge in web design. Thankfully, I started during the glory days of Super Soakers. Not only did Larami put out high quality products, the online community was very active too. Without the support of the Aquatica Yahoo Club this website would not be here today.

When I started Aqua-Zone I did not really have a goal besides “I want a website about Super Soakers.” After a few years, I found my voice, and developed what I believe makes Aqua-Zone unique. Some websites dived deep into statistics, others into the military edge of water warfare. I wanted Aqua-Zone to be a website that gave honest reviews in a pretty subjective manner. Aqua-Zone reviews are not metric heavy, and are subject to my own whims and opinions. I was never afraid to say a Super Soaker was a disappointment or a failure. But, I also leaped lavish praise on other blasters I found great, but others did not. Another defining feature of Aqua-Zone that developed sort of by chance is the easy to use and clean navigation. In 2002 I won best navigation award in Aquatica, and have aimed in the subsequent years to maintain the overall aesthetic of that design.

It is true that not much new content has been added since about 2003. The last ten years has largely been spent editing the writing and grammar of the website and bringing all pages up to the current style. I think this website has come a long way, and I consider it to be a formative source of information on the subject of Super Soakers. Aqua-Zone updates sometimes seem few and far between, but running this website has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me. Thank you to all the fans and readers of this website, you make continuing Aqua-Zone worthwhile. For more information on the history of Aqua-Zone check out The Site History Page

Aqua-Zone Technical Info

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File Editor: Microsoft Notepad
FTP: Leech FTP
Server: ICDsoft.com

Aqua-Zone Super Soaker Inventory

Classic Blasters: Super Soaker 50 (Original and Silver Edition), Super Soaker 100, Super Soaker 40, Super Soaker 25
XP Blasters: XP-75, XP-95, XP-55, XP-150 (original and re-release), XXP-175, XP-110, XP-40, XP-220, XP-240, XP-270, XP-310, XP-Backfire
Super Charger and Monster: SC-400 (2001 Edition), SC-600, SC-Power Pak, Monster (Sold), Monster X (2000 Edition), Monster XL (2000 Edition)
CPS Blasters: CPS-1000, CPS-1200, CPS-1700, CPS-2700 (Sold), CPS-3200, CPS 1-3-5, CPS Splashzooka (Broken), CPS-2100, CPS-4100 (Sold)
Max-D Blasters: Max-D 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 (all 2002 editions)