History of The Aqua-Zone

The Aqua Zone (as it was stylized at release) first went online on July 21, 2000 at approximately 6:30PM EDT. The first version of Aqua-Zone was constructed using Tripod Site Builder. However, within a few weeks I believed I made the switch to editing the raw HTML. My first step in building an audience for Aqua-Zone would be to get accepted into the Aquatica Webring. Despite the miserable grammar and spelling, iSoaker and Super Soaker Warrior (Maxstar) accepted my application. I continued to tweak Aqua-Zone and add new features that were popular on the internet at the time like a hit counter.

Every winter the websites iSoaker and AquaNexus worked on a new version of their website, because there was not much water warfare activity in the dead of winter. In emulation, Aqua-Zone too decided to make a major update. Aqua-Zone 2.0 introduced the still used to this very day pull down menu for reviews, and the Strategy Page made its debut. A new non text character logo was also introduced. I had long wanted to start using Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash on my website since iSoaker and AquaNexus did so. I experimented with Flash, but never made the leap.

In December 2001 Aqua-Zone moved to the free server Brinkster. The site layout first created using Tripod Site Builder was jettisoned for a website code that remained until 2012. On the Brinkster server I embarked on my first project to make it easier to update the website. It had grown unruly and any major site updates had to be done page by page. I started to use ASP for the navigation, so only a few pages had to be updated. Another major change of the Brinkster era was the introduction of the popup menu, which remained unchanged until 2012.

In 2003 I was finally able to start paying for a domain, and Aqua-Zone moved to its current address. Because my new server did not support ASP, I have been using PHP since 2003. In the first nine years I have been on this sever, Aqua-Zone had been tweaked only a little. Most changes had been only minor, such as color and logo changes. Under the hood, the coding was still almost the same as the December 2001 version. Although virtually no updates occurred during 2008 and 2009, the period of time between 2007 and 2012 was mainly spent rewriting the content of the website for better clarity and grammar. Despite the archaic coding, Aqua-Zone still functioned as an easy to use and navigate site in 2012. But, by the end of that year it was very apparent the website needed a significant face lift, and had to come into compliance with changing web coding standards. To address this while staying true to the original design of Aqua-Zone, version 4.0 was released in the end of 2012.

Aqua Zone Version 1.0
Aqua Zone 1.0 was rather crude and no copy exists online, except for this picture. Version 1.0

Aqua Zone 1.5 No copy of this site exist online. Service time August 1st-Decmember 20th 2000 Improved many things, however reviews still cluttered and hard to find. However an example page can be found HERE

The Aqua Zone 2.0 In this phase AZ improved reviews and made a large Tactical Database a copy of this home page exists online at Aqua Zone 2.0

Aqua Zone 2.7 Service time March 29 2001-December 1 2001
This version of Aqua Zone cut out cheesy effects made the basic site easier and featured content upgrades. The sites home page was fixed up making it much more professional. It was a major step up. Not radical but different. AZ 2.7 A major portion of this site still exsists online. Most pages are preserved but some were still active into the Brinkster era.

Aqua-Zone 2.9a: The new version of Aqua-Zone featured many good things and laid the foundation for the website today. However it was altered enough that it was considered replaced on March 1st 2002. An example of a page from this era can be found Here

Aqua-Zone 3.0: Aqua-Zone 3.0 featured reduced font sizes (the sizes still used today) and some more visual flares then the previous version. Still based on the same Body as 2.9, 3.0 is still a major step forward. AZ 3.0 in my opinion is the 1st time AZ reached a somewhat professional design. In mid October 2002 the AZ3 design was phased out to make way for the current 3.4 very familiar to what is used by Aqua-Zone today. An example of a review from this period

Aqua-Zone 3.4 (Final): Aqua-Zone 3.4 was introduced in October 2002 and added a DHTML menu which is still used today. Also added was the standardization of the logo on every page. AZ 3.4 is a very large improvement from 3.0. AZ 3.4 was replaced on May 18th 2003 by Aqua Zone Version 3.5 which only differed very slightly. However the changes did warrant a new version. An Example of a Page from this Period

Aqua-Zone 3.5 (Mid Term): AZ 3.5 introduced in 2003 changes a few slight things inside the Aqua-Zone Code and also two noticeable changes which include the adding of a Random Image generator, and on the Nav menu a slight change in the bullet style next to the word "Navigation."

Aqua-Zone 3.6-3.9 Aqua-Zone has been in the 3.6-3.9 since 2004. Minor alterations such as a change of font colors and the navigation table have taken place.

Aqua-Zone 4.0: First complete rewrite of coding and pages in over 10 years. Launched the final quarter of 2012.