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All news from November 1st 2002 foward is found on this pages. Older news can be found in the other News Archive Sections

Novermber 01, 2002: I finally got my prize soakers. Reviews for Max-D 6000 and CPS-4100 will come soon. Page conversion continues at a slow but steady rate.Later that day: Max-D 3000 and 4000 purchased for three dollars each! Aqua-Zone now owns all of the present Max-D soakers. Expect reviews once the artic freeze ends in New York.

Novermber 02, 2002: Initial Thoughts on the Max-D 3000 and 4000, WOW! These guns for there tiny size pack an enourmous punch and sting. The stream of water is powerful and the range is amazing. The XP-240 and XP-220 is BLOWN AWAY by them. Expect full reviews once I am able to compare them next to my 220 and 240.

Novermber 03, 2002: Max-D 3000 and 4000 review completed. Expect 6000 and 4100 to be completed very soon.

December 14, 2002: OK, it's COLD and it snowed. So as you can guess that Max-D 6000 and 4100 review may be delayed even a little big longer. Offseason so far has been pretty boring. As for the site itself it continues to be. Upgrades to version 3.4 for all pages is very slow and I don't expect to revamp to many more pages for the present. For the meantime enoy the return of the ORIGINAL AquaTree! Aquatree hasn't been posted since Aqua-Zone's first year. Well anyway Merry Christmas and a belated happy Hanukah.

January 15, 2003: jeez... 2003 allready? AZ has now spanned four actual years. Now heres some plans for AquaZone. These are all rough ideas. A) Continue tedious site upgrade and have it done..yeah.. eventually. B) Create a scaled down AZ and keep this site up as a Legacy Archive. Most likely I will continue to keep site as is. However moving to a new server may actually happen.

January 17, 2003: Strategy Center and CPS Reviews upgraded to 3.4 Standard. More updates to follow. Several tweakings took place in some sections mainly in the CPS-2100 review. Later That day: All SC/Monster reviews converted.

February 12, 2003: Aqua-Zone now has its very own domain. www.aquazone.tk is the new adress. The site will continue to use brinkster as the actual server but the cjb.net adress will be discontinued this March. I have had some problems with cjb.net because they now have ads and those annoying full page ones. www.aquazone.tk only has one small Tripod sized ad that only pops up on the home page.

February 13, 2003:Aqua-Zone will begin it's transformation to an ASP based web site very soon. Please be patient during the transistion as some pages will not be avaiable.

February 15, 2003:All SS Classic Reviews have been converted into ASP and moved to the current server (so no more Tripod Classic Reviews)

February 20,2003: All non detailed XP Reviews have been converted into ASP form and 3.4 standard. Detailed XP Reviews and the Advice Center are scheduled to begin conversion as well. The ASP era will mean that in the future the ENTIRE Aqua-Zone site can be upgraded by updating about 5 ASP files instead of manually updating each and every file.

March 07,2003:Winter just won't DIE! It is March and it snowed three inches yesterday. I moved all my soakers back to the garage..err Armory on the 5th and it snows the 6th. I mean it should be 50F allready! Not 30! Come on if this winter just won't die I am going to have to kill it. I will posistion my global warming sattelite over Long Island and bring 80F temps all year round bwahahah! Ok thats all for now. Just as I post this AZ is about to hit 15000 hits! WOOT!

April 21,2003:XP Reviews continue to upgrade to 3.4 standard. Soaker Season 2003 is now in full swing. I have decided NOT to add any EES Soakers to the Reviews Listing. This is a website about Water Warfare not baby toys.

April 21,2003:Whoa... I just checked SuperSoaker.com and you know what I have to say? There freaken menu resembles mine. Not that I care but newer SS fans are going to think I lack creativity and made up a semi-look alike menu to resemble the new cheesy SS.com (still better then SS.com 2000 I mean that site sucked (and so did 2001)) Older veteran members of soakerdom will know I had the menu first. I'm not accusing anyone of saying "hey that Aqua-Zone website has a cool menu, what a great idea for my corparate web site" but I just kind of find it funny. But I can see people thinking I ripped SS.com off. It's 99.9% probably a coincidence but anyway enjoy your umm... day.

May 12,2003:All-right here's the scoop. After MONTHS of waiting the CPS-4100 Review is up. XP Reviews will all be updated by May 15 (I promise). Also I think I am going to tinker around with a new layout for the 'Zone. I know I just about finished doing a new layout and I allready am working on a new one. Yeah thats the vicious cycle though.

May ??,2003:Some updates... First off pertaining to the Guestbook. It is not a forum and I will not reply to you if you want an E-Mail. That is what the Contact section is for. I have also removed the smilies because some people can't use them responsibly. Secondly and on a lighter note I have added two new polls so cast your vote today! And XP reviews are 85% done. Just a few straglers left.

May ??,2003:I'm sure you noticed my fun little thing above. I actually had been working on a Random Image Generator before but I never got it just right. Now that I finally did it is available for the world to see! Now let the Bandwith maxing begin!

October 1, 2003:Aqua-Zone server switch is basically complete. XP Reviews are half done and the XP-215 has been purchased and reviewed. Advice Center and Submissions currently have a temporary basic layout. Archives still in progress.

December 10, 2003:Off Season Blues. Aqua-Zone is aging, I am aging. Super Soaker and Hasbro are aging. Aqua-Zone has remained pretty dead the past two months or so but hey it is the off season. I have plans for 2004 involving AZ. I'll share some. 1) Finish all the crap that needs to be finished. I noticed Brinkster now has ads, since some pages still reside on Brinkster some pages of AZ now have ads. I will try to transfer as much as possible to this server. 2) I want to try to streamline this site without losing the navigation system that has made this website so easy to use. I will play around with designs for Aqua-Zone 4.0 and hopefully make this site much easier to maintain. As for the 2004 soakers almost nothing is known except what sounds like a stupid concept called "Soaker-Tag" I just hope a few new CPS come out this year so I have something worth reviewing. That's it for now. I'll probably be working behind the scenes until at least new years fixing things up around the site.
December 21, 2003: Merry Christmas! and Happy Hanukah. Some house cleaning today, I made some radical changes to the home page getting rid of the marquee which Aqua-Zone has employed since it's second month. I also changed the News and Updates logo. The AZIFS links have been removed seeing it is a long dead item.

December 25, 2003: Wow, some actual progress today. Advice Center pages converted from basic layout to standard layout. No promises but i'll try to transfer all the XP and Classic reviews to the new server.

January 6, 2003:Work continues! All Super Soaker Classic reviews have been moved to this server. About half the XP reviews now reside on this server in a more condensed matter. For the current time XP reviews will not have their own dedicated page. This is expected to be temporary seeing there are no 2004 super soakers worthy of appearing on this Super Soaker site. So this year on Aqua-Zone I will work on improving reviews allready on this website and revising the Strategy and Advice center.
April 20, 2004:Updates... finally. Some little house cleaning today. I added a new image to the random image thingy (what Lincoln has to say about the new soakers) This year honestly I don't expect much to change on AZ except maybe for fixing all the XP Reviews. Super Soaker in my eyes is dead, I will probably be moving my support to a new water blaster brand. I expect that the Misc Review section will eventually evolve to a section dedicated to the Water Warriors brand of soakers. (The section will be renamed accordingly). After taking a look at the complete mess that is the XP Section of this website I am going to first work on making sure every review is available and then update and fix the reviews up. Some reviews will be edited while others totally rewritten. The 70,90, and 175 are now all available on there own page on this server. The 70's and 175's reviews where updated while the 90's was beyond repair and totally rewrote. More reviews to be fixed soon.