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Note: News prior to March 10, 2001 was not saved. Some news entries had links, most of which have been disabled in this archive.

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2002: 33 Updates
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2004: 7 Updates
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March 10th,2001:Welcome to March which means by then end of it many parts of the USA will be super soaker war ready! Also i got a CPS 1-3-5 check out the review here CPS 1-3-5

March 13th,2001:The Aqua Zone has shut down for upgrades/furthur developmant come back March 30th the changes will be done allready! C ya soon!

March 30th 2001:WELCOME! The Aqua Zone 2.7 is here! the change of the style is much nicer and makes the site more Techy looking. Guess what over 60 typos have been eliminated also! The Interactive section is now the home of the guestbook a Poll and a Bravenet Tell-A-Friend. All full reviews now have a star stating that it's a full review. Also I picked up a 2001 Monster. Also I put the sniping section up. This is one of the first changes The Aqua Zone will be undergoing during the 2001 season. The new Aquatica bar has been added, and a link to the IE home site is below

APRIL 3 2001:Someone submitted a Monster XL review, I thank you very much, and a link to Hydrolosyis has been added

April 5th 2001:Had a Water Fight! All the way up to 67 today.

April 15th,2001:Happy Easter from your friend at The Aqua Zone!

April 19th,2001:Some important News Today, I am going to begin reworking all my reviews. There are lots of typos and in many places they are fragmented. I will also try to add stats. No promises I have tons of school work to do (ever notice teachers like to give you a ton of stuff towards the end of the year.) Also the News Archive is actually working, after months of promises I finally made one. In other news Super Soaker Atlantica (run by Sapper) was kicked out of the web ring and Yahoo! club partially because of me. He wants 50 Guest Book signatures to get back into the Web-Ring (fat chance) The founders have not agreed to it, and I doubt it will work. Sapper if your reading this (probably are)I wish you the best of luck trying to get back in. Maybe you could merge with Hydrolosyis you guys have alot in commen. Thats enough ranting and raving for today.

April 20th,2001: I actually did something on my Easter vacation today besides sleeping late, I did the stats on some of my soakers! Heres the one I got WHICH ARE NOT IN METRICS! Yes don't fear America the evil times of converting metrics is over! I did thr Splashzooka,Monster 2001,SC-600,XP-240, and the XP-270. On a side note for the range tests what I do I measure it from where the main stream lands not how far those little fragments go.

April 27,2001: CONTEST! Nope no prize but, if anyone finds it they are pretty good or just really bored. Rember the old style the Aqua Zone had? (see History/Background)If you can find the page I never changed E-Mail me at:Budgiesoaker@yahoo.com this excuse for a contest in ends Monday.PM I finally got a 310 excpect review soon!

April 29,2001:Today to my amazement I wasted $54.69 on the MONSTER XLthats right I got a Monster XL its huge! Expect review later on this week, same for the XP-310. They are both very special guns and they deserve good reviews so stay tuned. Also thanks to Rob Mercer(or Reaper) I made a slight correction in sniping.

May 8th,2001: Sorry I have been gone, but there has been alot of complications on my side. School has turned into a nightmare from hell, and my keyboard is broken. For the next 2 weeks or so don't expect to here much from me.

May 11th,2001:Some new developments, finally I got my scanner to be a good scanner and scan.Pictures of the Splashzooka,XP-220, XP-270,SC-400, and XP-150 are up,expect more soon!

May 18th,2001:TheXP-310review is up! Still working on the MonsterXL though.

May 26th,2001:The Monster XL review has been finished my longest review ever. As for the long term future of The Aqua Zone, this summer there will be some major changes in every way thought possible. GENERATION 2 HAS BEGUN

May 27th,2001:A much need renovation has begun, the Technolgy section is getting a major facelift, finally converting it to the standard pull down stlye.

June 3rd,2001:Happy June everyone! Links Page has been updated with a link to AQUAFIRE added and SuperSoaker Atlantica's removed. Sapper continues to annoy me like things by flooding MY Message Board with posts about his site, and Sapper wanna know why you have so many hits? 7000 yea right you fricken idiot your counter is posted 4 damn times thats why you have so many hits try only having one, now on a more serious note Aqua-Zone has become a co founder of "AquaFire's fill station" the current name for the super soaker mod club currently invatation only so send me an E-Mail and i'll be happy to let you in. Thats it for now remeber you heard a semi-arrogant guy rant and rave and report some news first at Aqua-Zone! Lets see the Nexus Newswire say what I just said heh, Im really tired while writing this, later guys!

June 7th,2001:OH THE HORROR.... I lost the link from SuperSoaker Atlantica,I could of swore you didn't judge sites by there webmaster, Nexus and Isoaker don't have links, why punish me? and sorry buddy it does affect your counter having it there 3 times, and how didn't you notice, you blind? 7000+ yea right your site sucks. The New Technology page should be up by the end of the week. !

June 8th,2001:PLEASE NOTE! Every gun reviewed on this site is owned or has been owned by me or a close friend, if it's not on my list that means I had it and it broke! Or I've used it alot.Later that DayI finished the Camo Section One more to go! Tactics Coming Soon Im serious this time.

June 10th,2001:The first part of the Tactics Section has been finished, the Training Guide. Expect much more soon.

June 18th,2001: A sad day in the soaker world indeed, we mourn or celabrate two events. Last nightAquatica Founder Aquatechnology announced that he will retire being founder of Aquatica and he already has he has rejoined as Isoaker.com and deleted Aquatechnology. Everyone load up your biggest soaker and fire it off for Aquatechnology. AQUAFIRE was torn down yesterday because HomeStead is now charging for it's services so for now the world is without an Aquafire load up your biggest gun for him too. As for here at Aqua-Zone expect it to remain a little quiet in terms of huge updates, im putting all my effort into the radical V3 G2 version of Aqua-Zone if I had to give a launch est. early 2002.

June 21st,2001: Not really an update today more like a look into the past. Remeber that Flash intro I promised back in March? Only 5 eyes ever saw it. Now after months I have finally released it for public viewing, be warned the load time was very high and there is NO preloader. See it Here Also Ive began work on a logo archive both the intro and the logo archive can be found in the History/Background section.

June 23rd,2001:The Aqua Zone has purchased a CPS-2700,XP Backfire, and a new SS-50(NI). Expect reivews soon and a revised SS-50 review.

June 25th,2001:The aging Links page has finally been revised with new prime sites and dead links removed.

June 27th,2001:The CPS-2700 review has been finished. Also I am aware that people are using my chatroom ANYONE is invited in. Chat schedules will be posted on the marquee at the top of the page and on the Interactive page.

late June ??,2001:Good News for Netscape users! Ive decided to begin work on a semi major site upgrade changing the style and design of AquaZone, if I really feel like doing it I can have it launched in a few weeks! More details soon.

July 5th,2001:A review for the CPS-2500 has been submitted and posted.

July 7th,2001:Another review for the CPS-2500 has been submitted and posted.(note the newest one has been edited for typos and slight content.

July 11th,2001:I foregot to mention that there is a new poll in the InteractiveSection. As for the Backfire review that is coming soon as well as some additions to the Tactics section. Also as you can know the Counter changed it seems those complete asses at Thecounter.com are now charging for all those cool things they provied so it seems I will have to find a new counter service (Bravenet?)

July 12th,2001:AZ celabrates today over 5000 hits I know but for a super soaker site about to be a year old im quite happy. As for an update the Backfire review is up, let me just tell you now it's not much of a gun but anyway go see for yourself.

July 18th,2001:The world turned upside down. To think I was having a bitter flame war with him a while back. Well anyway Sapper and SuperSoakerAtlantica have been alowed back in the Aquatica. Welcome Back! Here at the Zone I'm happy to announce on the 21st 4 days from now Aqua-Zone will turn 1! I can't help but celabrate early so enjoy the ugly balloons I made. Also im planning to release a major update mid August! Aqua-Zone v2.9 making Netscape problems a thing of the past.

July 21st,2001:HAPPY BIRTHDAY AQUA ZONE! Yes thats right 1 year ago today Aqua-Zone 1.0 was concieved and launched into the world for all to see off its Tripod server. What awonderful present Tripod sent us !POP UP ADS! yes the work of the devil got here after a year of re diricting the main page to avoid them they got me(actually 364 days because the pop ups started yesterday). For AZ 2.9 I will switch it to embedded.

July 28th,2001:After a trip to the Family Dollar Store Aqua-Zone has purchased 2 SuperSoaker 40's and a blue/yellow Super Soaker 100. Expect a AZ review for the 40 soon making AquaZone the second active site to have a SS-40 review! As for adds by end of August add free Aqua-Zone again! AquaZone will be moving to a server called Brinkster the cjb.net adress will remain same.

July 31st,2001:Another mile stone in AquaZone history 1.5 was launched 1 year ago today making the site well not crude looking the counter started today and, I got accepted into Aquatica Webring. As for news of this year check out the SS-40 review here

August 8th,2001:Welcome to August for most viewers of AquaZone this means that this is our last month of freedom before we go off on our smelly busses to junior high,for me high school,or college. Enjoy your last weeks so get out and soak someone. I dropped in to tell you that if you didn't know there is an interesting poll going on at the Interactive section its about straps personally i wear it around my neck, the poll is very close so go vote today! The Tactics section will also have an update by the end of today.

August 11th,2001:Tactics section updated., with the attacking section completed! August 16th,2001:Logo Archive(located in History/Background has been completed. On a side note please forgive me not linking from this page to it sometimes my server gets really whacky.

August 17th,2001:Another 1000 hits flew right by now where up to 6000+ id like to thank you all for support. In the Strategy Center the War Stories and Blaster Storage page has been added content has yet to been added though. Also if you have a War Story SUBMIT IT

September 2nd,2001:Oh yeah this site, please excuse my absence of updating this site if you think im done with it and not updating anymore your wrong actually ive been updating every day behin the seens where you can't see me. This is most likely my last update on the current site.

October 11th,2001:Tada! Yes its me finally clearing stuff from August off the board I bring to you news on the new site. No I havent held back the release so it will be even cooler im just plain old lazy. I finished all XP reviews and half the CPS and all main nav pages, besides that no work. One day it will be finished I promise you. Yes we all also must realize this is off season and these days soakers arent on my mind to much but I promise you this site is still going strong and wont fall like other sites! -=soak or be soaked=- Budgie webmaster of this web site.

October 30th,2001:Wow Im actually updating alot now. Now for the news, I am still debating on the new site im quite troubled by the fact that alot of the time the new server doesn't load the pages thus making it very agrivating for all of us. Ive been toying with the idea of Geocities but ive allready done so much work moving would be a real pain in the butt. Im waiting for Brinkster to E-Mail me back regarding this. Ive just about completed all the reviews and I think you will all be impressed. I'm also toying with the idea of launching the site half completed, meaning about half the site will be in the new format and the other half link back to the current site on Tripod. I really need you the viewers help. It's not often I request everyone to E-Mail me but if you get a chance do me a big favor and give me some info on what I should do. Lost and confused your friend running this site :) SideNote: Im reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird" it's the best book I ever read and I cant put it down if you ever get a chance read the book if you haven't .

December 1st,2001: Welcome to the new AquaZone new server new style NO ADS! Sure it might not look as fancy but atleast you can actually see it in Netscape all the reviews are now bigger and better Tactics and Tips are robust.The hot reviews part on the nav bar help someone quickly jump to a review they may want to keep less clicks for slower load times This is just a temporary stop off in the conversion to 3.0Standard. Anyway there have been some changes. In my usual style most new pages aren't up and I'll try to get them up by New Years. New Links added and the thrill of having a Pentium 3 isn't that amazing anymore so thats been removed.

December 4th,2001:The Submissions page has been finisjed with all those submitted reviews posted (all 4 of them) But guys send them in! The News Archive is back online full of AZ updates since March 10th,2001. Aqua-Zone has also become a member of WaterNet by Isoaker.com

January 9th, 2002: Welcome to the new year! Well its 2002 and ive updated my site and upgraded my computer! Plans for 2002 are making AZ take shape into a more advanced form and getting as many 2002 blasters as possible. Im going to get to work on strategies and tips once I get settled into my new computer

January 20th,2002: New Soakers added to AZ directories! No reviews as of yet. Plans for the new AZ are under development earlier then expected. Tips of the Trade should be updated soon also.

January 22nd,2002:Tips of Trade sections coming very soon. The SS Classic Reviews still reside on a Tripod Server but most straggling links that take you to dead links have been changed. Pages that wherent converted to the 2.7B standard for new nav but old design have been changed to 2.7.9 standard which is a hybrid page that contains new style but the review and bottem retains old AZ design. Bottem line is that SS Classic Reviews aren't as easy tp get lost in old pages as they used to.

January 26th,2002:*Smacks self in head* Ok running this site is very hard by myself. I did all the links wrong on the classics page and realized that most of the AZIFS links don't work. Im fixing them and if its tomorrow it will be fixed. Ive envsioned the new site and am putting it to paper tonight more soon.

January 28th,2002:Time for the State of the Zone adress. Yes my visitors ive come to some conclusions. This year unlike last Ihave chosen not to buy all the blasters money can afford. I plan on getting the CPS-2100,Max-D 6000,and Max-D 5000. Possibly one or two more. Personally I think the blasters look very bad this year. None of them urge me to buy them like they used too. Plus I must save up for my car, and get some more cash for my computer and I have to eat. Many old pages of Aqua-Zone will be revamped and kept on there server. All old Strategy Center pages will be restored. This websites future looks good though. So far there are no intentions of shutting it down. I have plans to tinker around with some stuff when I have some more time. As for the all the dead pages well when I get time. The Archives section should be up shortly. Reviews... I dont plan on changing them but for some soakers that are special they will get very large and detailed reviews. This will be a very interesting year for me. I am proud to say and happy that Aqua-Zone is in my plans.

January 30th,2002:Wow I am the Update King! The Tips of the Trade section has finally been updated with So it's over, Care and Maintenence,Buying Guide and Camoflauge completed.

February 5th,2002:HydroSphere community collapsed 2 days ago. Your web master is the last peron left in control of the ruins. A short mesage to someone I know is reading this "No matter how hard you try you can't stop us now"-RATM" AquaZone is thinking about the plans of intergrating HydroSphere into this website. Or the community may begin anew. My highest hope is that it is absorbed into Aquatica.

February 6th,2002:Good news CPS-2100 review has been posted! Expect the Max-D 2000 review to follow soon. Submissions page soon to be updated with a SC-600 review. Slowly fixing various links on pages. If you find one please report it!

February 9th,2002:Submited SC-600 review posted in submissions. Also if you havent noticed on all secondary pages (ones not on main nav bar) are slowly having the hot reviews section deleted. Ive noticed it would be nealy impossible to keep all of them updated. Also the reason the 2100's pic is not up is because the server isn't letting me.

February 15,2002:Small Page tweakings done. Various images uploaded(finally). More new gun pages are up as more information becomes available . Yahoo Clubs! intergrated into Groups.All links take you proper place slowly chaging them to direct group links though.(Will take much longer for pages on old server).MaxD 2000 review coming very soon.

February 18,2002: Night Fights Uploaded in Strategy Center. Some day i'll get around to putting some more up.

March 1,2002:Welcome to the new cleant up AquaZone. Font sizes are being reduced in the entire site as we speak. This is giving the site a much more cleaner look. The home page is the most different and very shortly an entire new concept will launch. Bringing the way you read the news here a whole new meaning!Welcome to AquaZone 2.9 Alpha

March 28,2002:AquaZone soon to be entering stage Three (Version 3.0) of development. I have finished development of the new pages. I felt that I didnt remind the visitor they where at AquaZone enough :P . Sad thing is everytime I finish converting pages to a new style I think of a new one!

April 13,2002:This website has reached a cross roads. AZ has grown huge and all the pages need major maintenace. So two things may happen. AZ is shut down for several months while all web pages are taken down fixed and URL's redirected. Or this website is forever left alone with no new content except some reviews.

April 27,2002:DESPERATE PLEA! Attention SuperSoakerWarrior. Now correct me if im wrong but I thought we agreed to srop the past and walk away. Well it seems that the plan is not happening and you are escilating tensions. Contact the YIM of Premier_NSR . If you know SSW please tell him to contact me. All I want is five minutes.

May 14, 2002: How to NOT wright an E-Mail to AquaZone. I suggest to any budding web masters that you don't E-Mail me with threats like if I don't wright back I will steal your content. So what im trying to say is be nice! Now kids feast your eyes on this... "Hello, my name is J****n. I am a super soaker fan and I would like to see if I could get some "info" or "help" from your wonderful site. I'm not sweet talking, I'm only 12. Anyway could I borrow and reword info from your site? I'll do my hardest to make it sound different. PLEASE? Also I really enjoy your Tips and Strategy center. My homepage will be on expage, but its down so I can't give it to you yet. BUT, it will probably be expage.com/supersoakerzone or something. So if you do not reply, I might just go on and do what I want to do, even without asking. I'll even link you to my site! Okay? Okay! Okay, okay. Good. SO I really suggest that you reply. Thank you for your time." As for actual updates on this web site I have decided that I will continue to add content to AZ. Just at a more leisurely pace.

May 9, 2002: AZ Content was stolen. Problem resolved.

June 1, 2002:Various pages converted to 3.0 Standard. Its also come to my attention that the Max-D Page isnt viewable on NS 4.7 or lower. I will try to fix that soon. In other news Aqua-Zone celebrates over 10,000 hits! I would like to thank my loyal viewers who made it possible.

June 6, 2002:Two new polls for a new Soaking Season have been put in the Polls one and two pages. Coming soon: A submitted XP-15 review and a new addition to the Tips of the Trade. And if im nice a revised Soaker Boot Camp guide.

June 8, 2002:Soaker Boot Camp Revised. XP-15 Review Submission Posted

June 27, 2002:New review coming soon. CPS-4100 Submission will soon be posted. Also it seems that Aqua-Zone may be reaching its servers bandwith limit. The past couple of nights around 11PM the site went down until 12. So during the summer if the site says its reached its limit just try again at Midnight. If the problem mounts I will find a way to alleviate it.

June 28, 2002: Oh joy I just about finished adding all those little blue dividers on most pages and then! I find this nifty scroll bar modifier. I tinker around with it for about a half an hour and love it. Now just after im about done I have to add the cool scroll bar thingy to all the pages. So in my usual laziness it will be done in about three months.

June 29, 2002: Max-D 5000 purchased and reviewed.

July 4, 2002: Links page updated. SSCL and Aqualabs link added. Hydro-War became prime site.

July 15, 2002: AquaZone now about to turn a ripe two years of age is proud to announce it has won the best navigation award in the Aquatica SiteAwards. I plan on enhancing this sites nav. even more. Ive began tinkering with a DHTML drop down menu also. I would like to thank the people that voted for this site. Because without viewer support where would AquaZone be. Thanks guys!

July 22, 2002: AquaZone is now over two years old! The Advice Center (Tips of the Trade) has been restored with several sections added, including the You and Yourself, and the Blaster Storage page. More sections will be added soon.

August 03,2002: AquaZone wins SuperSoaker.com OFFICIAL Select Site Award. AquaZone will be rewarded with four free super soakers. So get ready for a AZ 6000 and 4100 review!

October 03, 2002:*walks in door* Oh hey guys, well I haven't gotten those new soakers from Larami yet. I did get a server and domain name but i'm having stupidity problems so I may bail out of that. The new Aqua-Zone is actually complete I just have to update pages. I am debating if I should do it on this server.

October 12,2002: AQUA ZONE VERSION 3.4 PHASE IN STARTED. Main pages will be converted by Moday the rest by November.

Novermber 01, 2002: I finally got my prize soakers. Reviews for Max-D 6000 and CPS-4100 will come soon. Page conversion continues at a slow but steady rate.Later that day: Max-D 3000 and 4000 purchased for three dollars each! Aqua-Zone now owns all of the present Max-D soakers. Expect reviews once the artic freeze ends in New York.

Novermber 02, 2002: Initial Thoughts on the Max-D 3000 and 4000, WOW! These guns for there tiny size pack an enourmous punch and sting. The stream of water is powerful and the range is amazing. The XP-240 and XP-220 is BLOWN AWAY by them. Expect full reviews once I am able to compare them next to my 220 and 240.

Novermber 03, 2002: Max-D 3000 and 4000 review completed. Expect 6000 and 4100 to be completed very soon.

December 14, 2002: OK, it's COLD and it snowed. So as you can guess that Max-D 6000 and 4100 review may be delayed even a little big longer. Offseason so far has been pretty boring. As for the site itself it continues to be. Upgrades to version 3.4 for all pages is very slow and I don't expect to revamp to many more pages for the present. For the meantime enoy the return of the ORIGINAL AquaTree! Aquatree hasn't been posted since Aqua-Zone's first year. Well anyway Merry Christmas and a belated happy Hanukah.

January 15, 2003: jeez... 2003 allready? AZ has now spanned four actual years. Now heres some plans for AquaZone. These are all rough ideas. A) Continue tedious site upgrade and have it done..yeah.. eventually. B) Create a scaled down AZ and keep this site up as a Legacy Archive. Most likely I will continue to keep site as is. However moving to a new server may actually happen.

January 17, 2003: Strategy Center and CPS Reviews upgraded to 3.4 Standard. More updates to follow. Several tweakings took place in some sections mainly in the CPS-2100 review. Later That day: All SC/Monster reviews converted.

February 12, 2003: Aqua-Zone now has its very own domain. www.aquazone.tk is the new adress. The site will continue to use brinkster as the actual server but the cjb.net adress will be discontinued this March. I have had some problems with cjb.net because they now have ads and those annoying full page ones. www.aquazone.tk only has one small Tripod sized ad that only pops up on the home page.

February 13, 2003:Aqua-Zone will begin it's transformation to an ASP based web site very soon. Please be patient during the transistion as some pages will not be avaiable.

February 15, 2003:All SS Classic Reviews have been converted into ASP and moved to the current server (so no more Tripod Classic Reviews)

February 20,2003: All non detailed XP Reviews have been converted into ASP form and 3.4 standard. Detailed XP Reviews and the Advice Center are scheduled to begin conversion as well. The ASP era will mean that in the future the ENTIRE Aqua-Zone site can be upgraded by updating about 5 ASP files instead of manually updating each and every file.

March 07,2003:Winter just won't DIE! It is March and it snowed three inches yesterday. I moved all my soakers back to the garage..err Armory on the 5th and it snows the 6th. I mean it should be 50F allready! Not 30! Come on if this winter just won't die I am going to have to kill it. I will posistion my global warming sattelite over Long Island and bring 80F temps all year round bwahahah! Ok thats all for now. Just as I post this AZ is about to hit 15000 hits! WOOT!

April 21,2003:XP Reviews continue to upgrade to 3.4 standard. Soaker Season 2003 is now in full swing. I have decided NOT to add any EES Soakers to the Reviews Listing. This is a website about Water Warfare not baby toys.

April 21,2003:Whoa... I just checked SuperSoaker.com and you know what I have to say? There freaken menu resembles mine. Not that I care but newer SS fans are going to think I lack creativity and made up a semi-look alike menu to resemble the new cheesy SS.com (still better then SS.com 2000 I mean that site sucked (and so did 2001)) Older veteran members of soakerdom will know I had the menu first. I'm not accusing anyone of saying "hey that Aqua-Zone website has a cool menu, what a great idea for my corparate web site" but I just kind of find it funny. But I can see people thinking I ripped SS.com off. It's 99.9% probably a coincidence but anyway enjoy your umm... day.

May 12,2003:All-right here's the scoop. After MONTHS of waiting the CPS-4100 Review is up. XP Reviews will all be updated by May 15 (I promise). Also I think I am going to tinker around with a new layout for the 'Zone. I know I just about finished doing a new layout and I allready am working on a new one. Yeah thats the vicious cycle though.

May ??,2003:Some updates... First off pertaining to the Guestbook. It is not a forum and I will not reply to you if you want an E-Mail. That is what the Contact section is for. I have also removed the smilies because some people can't use them responsibly. Secondly and on a lighter note I have added two new polls so cast your vote today! And XP reviews are 85% done. Just a few straglers left.

May ??,2003:I'm sure you noticed my fun little thing above. I actually had been working on a Random Image Generator before but I never got it just right. Now that I finally did it is available for the world to see! Now let the Bandwith maxing begin!

June 13,2003:Bandwith problems will be a thing of the past by atleast August 1st 2003. Aqua-Zone has gotten a new server and the site will be off Brinkster hopefully soon. October 1, 2003:Aqua-Zone server switch is basically complete. XP Reviews are half done and the XP-215 has been purchased and reviewed. Advice Center and Submissions currently have a temporary basic layout. Archives still in progress.

August 21,2003:I am still here, and atleast I am planning to remain here. While I have been not posting here I have been working magic behind the scenes. The new AZ is near completion.

December 10, 2003:Off Season Blues. Aqua-Zone is aging, I am aging. Super Soaker and Hasbro are aging. Aqua-Zone has remained pretty dead the past two months or so but hey it is the off season. I have plans for 2004 involving AZ. I'll share some. 1) Finish all the crap that needs to be finished. I noticed Brinkster now has ads, since some pages still reside on Brinkster some pages of AZ now have ads. I will try to transfer as much as possible to this server. 2) I want to try to streamline this site without losing the navigation system that has made this website so easy to use. I will play around with designs for Aqua-Zone 4.0 and hopefully make this site much easier to maintain. As for the 2004 soakers almost nothing is known except what sounds like a stupid concept called "Soaker-Tag" I just hope a few new CPS come out this year so I have something worth reviewing. That's it for now. I'll probably be working behind the scenes until at least new years fixing things up around the site.

December 21, 2003: Merry Christmas! and Happy Hanukah. Some house cleaning today, I made some radical changes to the home page getting rid of the marquee which Aqua-Zone has employed since it's second month. I also changed the News and Updates logo. The AZIFS links have been removed seeing it is a long dead item.

December 25, 2003: Wow, some actual progress today. Advice Center pages converted from basic layout to standard layout. No promises but i'll try to transfer all the XP and Classic reviews to the new server.

January 6, 2004:Work continues! All Super Soaker Classic reviews have been moved to this server. About half the XP reviews now reside on this server in a more condensed matter. For the current time XP reviews will not have their own dedicated page. This is expected to be temporary seeing there are no 2004 super soakers worthy of appearing on this Super Soaker site. So this year on Aqua-Zone I will work on improving reviews allready on this website and revising the Strategy and Advice center.

April 20, 2004:Updates... finally. Some little house cleaning today. I added a new image to the random image thingy (what Lincoln has to say about the new soakers) This year honestly I don't expect much to change on AZ except maybe for fixing all the XP Reviews. Super Soaker in my eyes is dead, I will probably be moving my support to a new water blaster brand. I expect that the Misc Review section will eventually evolve to a section dedicated to the Water Warriors brand of soakers. (The section will be renamed accordingly). After taking a look at the complete mess that is the XP Section of this website I am going to first work on making sure every review is available and then update and fix the reviews up. Some reviews will be edited while others totally rewritten. The 70,90, and 175 are now all available on there own page on this server. The 70's and 175's reviews where updated while the 90's was beyond repair and totally rewrote. More reviews to be fixed soon.

June 15, 2004:More XP Reviews sent to the new server. Since Buzz Bee Toys now has an official website the Misc Review section is being converted to cover the Water Warriors line of water blasters. Hosting renewed, Aqua-Zone is here to stay for yet another year. Plus next month AZ turns FOUR.

July 28, 2004:Today I checked the Site Statistics for Aqua-Zone and I must say I was quite surprised at the number of hits and visits this site has gotten. Aqua-Zone is about to turn four and is now one of the most thorough and largest Super Soaker information resources on the internet today. I am going to try to continue with the updates and that should now be easier thanks to Mozilla Firefox's tab browsing.

October 15, 2004: Some minor house cleaning, i'm going to focus this years off season on cleaning up the coding and optimizing it for Mozilla Firefox. The XP-270 and XP-310 review has been moved to the current server. Also the News and Updates are now going to feature the last 10 updates with the previous tenth being moved to the News Archive.

October 19, 2004: Clean up and revision of the Super Charger pages. I didn't realize just how archaic they where. I think those where the last reviews that are quite frankly completely embarassing. I don't believe people used to visit Aqua-Zone to read crap like that.

December 18, 2004:Merry Christmas! Now on with the news, all the files on the Brinkster account where lost because they deactivated my account when I didn't log in for six months. Some files have been lost, including the News Archives prior to the move, some XP reviews and i'm sure some other things. I am not sure if a backup exists, I doubt it. From what I hear about next years soakers they will once again not be worthy of my time, money, or review. Aqua-Zone perhaps has reached the end of its functional life. I am begining to consider the future options for Aqua-Zone. I will update when I decide what to do.

January 09, 2005:Homepage changed, first major change in almost two years. More changes are on the way design wise. Honestly though expect little content change. Main design changes will be to integrate this more with Frankism.net, the small but parent site of Aqua-Zone. Interactive Section has been formally closed.

May 14, 2005: Really random updates are being done, the Buying Guide has finally been reposted after about a two year hiatus. It is the original from around 2000, but it still carries a wealth of information. Also several SuperCharger/Monster pages have been updated to the new format (mainly the Monster's)

May 30, 2005: Hosting has been renewed! Aqua-Zone's will be around for another year, this July marks FIVE YEARS for Aqua-Zone.

September 14, 2005:This website is over five years old. That is quite amazing, it is funny to think of the internet as that old. It is even more funny to think that I was going into 8th grade when I started this site. To be honest the website was horrible when I started, and to be honest while most things have been corrected since I started the site is probably still riddled with typos and other such errors. But in any case, SuperSoakers seem to have no future. SuperSoakers are the reason this site started, the SS-50 was found in nearly every home of an early or mid 90's kid. Child of the 90's funny to say. Growing up is an odd feeling. Well at any rate, I love this website. However my love of SuperSoakers is something that has not survived so well. I really have no time any more, let alone anyone to battle with. This website is a source for mainly late 90's and early 2000's Super Soakers. It has been obvious for sometime that it was. It was never my intention for that to happen. Year after year of horrible releases from Hasbro did that though. It is really quite depressing that Hasbro releases pure crap. I suppose this is just a rant to let you know I still care. I did change the contact page, I got rid of that form thing. I think it stopped working. Oh well. I am however planning on merging the Strategy Center and the Advice Center, I don't know why it took me three years to realize how redundant and confusing they are.

December 15, 2005:Getting the site ready for the year of 2006, I rewrote the "About" section, and plan on finally merging the Strategy Center and Advice Center by the close of the year. By the close of the year the Strategy Center and Advice Center will be consolidated and edited/updated. Expect other minor cosmetic changes throughout the website. UPDATE 5PM:The Strategy Center and Advice Center have been consolidated into the STRATEGY AND TIPS CENTER. All pages have updated to the new format. The overhaul was long overdue, some content has been revised to reflect modern times, and most errors on the pages have been corrected.

September 11, 2006:Glitch fixed in Strategy & Tips Center that stopped DHTML menu from properly navigating through the website. Also, God Bless America

September 16, 2006:Super Soaker Max Infusion Defender has been purchased. The first new review in three years will be posted next week. Max Infusion/Soaker Tag Review Section has been created. I have decided to not list all blasters of the serie(s) simply because I am not interested in most of them.

September 22, 2006:Super Soaker Max Infusion Defender review has been posted. Check It Out

February 19, 2007: Water Warriors section has been deleted from the navigation menu. It served no point since it had no content. The archives section (including the News Archive) has been updated and scaled down.

February 26, 2007: Aqua-Zone is proud to announce a new development in this website. The drop down style review navigation is now supplemented by the "at a glance" feature. At a glance is great if you are not sure which blaster you have. At a glance is a table that displays images of all the blasters in that particular class as well as their year of issue, and if a detailed review is available. At a glance is currently only available for CPS Reviews. A Max-D version should be completed soon.

July 3, 2007: Last month I renewed hosting for yet another year. This month is Aqua-Zone's sixth year of service for the Super Soaker enthusiast. Though the weather this summer has been a little mild for Long Island, I hope to have to have a battle or two this year.

December 8, 2007: Aqua-Zone is prepared to enter 2008. Goals for this year include continued house cleaning of old/outdated content. I am happy with the "At a Glance" viewing for the Max-D, and CPS blasters, however I am not satisfied. I am looking into more ways to make the cumbersome Review database easier to navigate. All XP Reviews have finally been updated to reflect the current layout. The XP Backfire review has finally been reposted using the original review from my former Tripod website. New Random Picture uploaded of yours truly caught asleep.

December 9, 2007: A new feature has been added to the home page. Aqua-Zone is taking it's best reviews and showcasing them in the Featured Review section. Expect the Featured Review to change every few months. At a Glance section completed and posted for the Super Charger and Monster series of Super Soakers. Another new Random Image has been added, AquaZone: Vice Soaker.

April 2, 2010: Your webmaster is alive! This summer will mark Aqua-Zone's tenth anniversary serving the water-warfare community. My goal is to have Aqua-Zone rewritten and overhauled during the summer 2010. I wouldn't expect any major content changes or appearance/layout changes though. After all, this had the best navigation of 2002. The Guestbook and Submissions section will be closed shortly.

May 2, 2011: The error that caused the main logo at the top of the page to not display in newer browsers has been fixed. Frankly, I am amazed this website still renders so well in Chrome and Firefox. I'm glad people still check this website, and it has been an honor to serve the water warfare community for over 10 years. This July will be the 11th anniversary of Aqua-Zone. Although it is often in the far off netherworld of my mind, Aqua-Zone will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for your support! Also, the guestbook section has been taken off the navigation menu... it was so 2001. Enjoy your summer!

July 26, 2011: I am in the process of updating some reviews and some other pages. I bet you didn't expect to hear from me for another year. The XXP-175 review has been updated and placed as the featured review. CPS-1000 review updated and image changed. I also changed the Super Charger/Monster page by removing the terrible "rant" and adding information (and a picture) about the QFD. I will post any more review updates on this news entry. Update: I rewrote the review start pages for CPS, Classics, and SC/Monster. Be sure to check out the Classics Page, I posted a Larami product besides a Super Soaker, turtles! Monster XL review updated. News from before 2007 moved to News Archive (finally). New random image also added, entitled "evolution." Lastly, the rogue bold HTML tag was eliminated on the home page.

June 21, 2012: This website was down about a week or so since I neglected to renew the domain in a timely manner. But worry not, we are back for at least one more year. Since the cost of continuing to run Aqua-Zone is becoming burdensome I have now added a PayPal donate button. Aqua-Zone has never asked for handouts during the twelve years we have served the water warfare community, but if you can spare a few dollars I would greatly appreciate it, and you can help make sure this website will be around in 2013.

June 22, 2012: A few minor updates, the Monster X, Monster (2001), CPS-4100, XP-310, Super Soaker 100, and XP-95 reviews have been updated and rewritten, check them out. A glitch on the Ranking System page that caused the drop down menu to not function has been fixed. New featured review, the XP-310. Re added to the website for the first time since 2004 is a brief little introduction on the main page. I figured it would be useful for people who arrived here through Google.

June 25, 2012: All XP reviews have been edited for grammar and clarity. The links to the XP Triple Play and XP-215 have been fixed, they pointed to the old server of this website that was deleted many years ago. The search engine has been tweaked to provide more results. News from 2007 has been moved to the News Archive.

June 26, 2012: "At a Glance" pages have been added for the XP line and the Super Soaker Classic line. Now users can view all of these blaster lines at once for quicker identification. All "At a Glance" pages are now done, it only took five years.

December 3, 2012: Aqua-Zone 4.0 has been launched today. This change to the homepage is the most significant style change to Aqua-Zone in a decade. The look and coding of Aqua-Zone has been refreshed and brought up to date, while still maintaining the classic Aqua-Zone look. There is no firm time table to begin conversion of the entire website. I will keep everyone posted.

January 8, 2013: Conversion of main pages (review pages, links on main menu) has been completed. Icon created for tabbed browsers. Considerations for new content also being entertained.

June 4, 2013: Web hosting renewed for an additional year. All Super Soaker Classic pages updated to new format. New pictures and updated reviews coming soon for Super Soaker 40,50, and 100.

June 5, 2013: Featured review changed, happy 20th birthday Super Soaker 40! Super Soaker 50 review also updated. All CPS reviews have been changed to the new style, and new pictures have been added for the CPS-1000, 1700, 3200, 1-3-5, and 2100.

June 22, 2013: All Super Charger and Monster reviews upgraded to the new layout, and new pictures have been taken if I still own the blaster. Super Soaker 25 and XP-55 have been acquired, expect detailed reviews by the end of the month. Only the XP reviews and Strategy/Tips need to be changed to the new style.

January 30, 2014: The Strategy & Tips section has been converted to the new layout. The content was revised mainly to address errors and clarity issues. The Archives section has also been converted to the new format. The News Archive is now in sequential order and news from parts of 2001 has been found on my old Tripod server.

February 1, 2014: Using Archive.org I have recovered all the news updates from 2002 that was lost when brinkster.com deleted my account for inactivity many years ago. These updated have been added into the News Archive.

March 16, 2014: Super Soaker 25 review posted, the first new review in eight years! I got this blaster on E-Bay over the summer. Read the review.

June 11, 2014: Hosting renewed for one additional year. Next month marks 14 years of Aqua-Zone on the web!