The Classic Series refers to the line of Super Soakers released between 1990 and 1993 that are designated only by the Super Soaker name and model number (ex: Super Soaker 100). Larami re-released several blasters from this lineup later in the 1990s and dubbed them the Classic Series, which is now the term most collectors apply to the entire lineup of early Super Soakers. The first Super Soaker was designed in 1989 by an engineer named Lonnie Johnson; he called his product the Power Drencher. This later became the Super Soaker 50. The Super Soaker 100 was my first Super Soaker.

Compared to later products like the XP and CPS line the classics are very antiquated. They are fragile and lack the power of subsequent lines of Super Soakers. Despite their fraility and low output a few classic blasters are still worth using in certain situations. I find myself still using my Super Soaker 100 occasionally because of how long it can go without being refilled. The MDS is also useful because it is the only blaster that has a nozzle that can swivel. However, the majority of classics are best kept as museum pieces, and many are now very hard to find and are increasing in value.

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What else did Larami make? Well, one thing they seemed to do was manufacture rubber play turtles. When I was a little one I received these turtles (probably around 1992 or 1993). I enjoyed playing sea adventure games with them. One day, many years later I discovered they are manufactured by Larami! Check it out and enjoy.