The CPS series of blasters made their debut in 1996. CPS officially stands for Constant Pressure System. The first CPS class blaster released was the legendary CPS-2000. The CPS-2000 was discontinued in 1998 and rumors circulate the removal was prompted because the CPS-2000 was so powerful it had the potential to injure children. The 1998 line of CPS introduced the CPS-1000, 1500, 2500, and 3000. The 2500 was intended to replace the 2000 but most owners report it not performing as well as the 2000. The CPS-1000 and 1500 remain favorites with many water warriors to this day. The CPS-3000 is a backpack based blaster.

The new millennium brought some changes to the CPS line. The CPS-1000 was replaced by the CPS-1200. The CPS-1500 had a change of color and was redubbed the CPS-1700. The 2500 was replaced by an entirely new blaster the CPS-2700. The CPS-3200 replaced the 3000 and featured a hard shell backpack instead of the soft one of the 3000. In 2001 the CPS-1700 vanished and the CPS-Splashzooka and CPS 1-3-5 hit shelves. The Splashzooka uses Super Charger technology to create a blaster that requires no pumping, similar to the SC-Power Pak. The 1-3-5 had the ability to shoot a stream of water from between 1-5 nozzles.

The year 2002 brought the retirement of the 1200, 2700, and 3200. Replacing them was the CPS-2100 and the CPS-4100. The CPS-2100 was an entirely new blaster and it received positive reviews. The 4100 was based on the Monster (2001) but had no Super Charger capabilities. Many Super Soaker enthusiasts were disappointed by the reduction in the CPS line in 2002. It was however just a foreshadowing of the changes imminent in the Super Soaker line. No new CPS blaster has been released since 2002, and the Super Soaker brand began its metamorphosis into the hobbled children’s toys being marketed today by Hasbro. The CPS line remains to this day the most cherished and sought after blasters in the water warfare community.

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What makes CPS blasters so powerful? The CPS series, unlike regular soakers uses a rubber ball or in some cases rectangular balloon like device to deliver an extremely potent punch. This rubber ball stored in the round or rectangular chamber in your CPS and expands when you pump. When the trigger is pulled it contracts pushing the water out at a very high velocity.