Aqua-Zone is a Super Soaker and water-war website started in 2000, and chosen as an official select fan site in 2002. For the last 18 years, Aqua-Zone has been a premier source of information on all Super Soaker products released between 1990 and 2002. This site is especially noted for clean and easy to use navigation, and over 30 detailed Super Soaker reviews. Aqua-Zone also has a Strategy Center containing useful tips for water warriors. Regardless if you are interested in reliving some childhood nostalgia about your first Super Soaker, or a hardened water warrior, Aqua-Zone will have something for you.

Featured Review: Super Soaker 40


The Super Soaker 40 was released in 1993, and is a pretty decent side-arm. However, given the availability of more well-constructed XP or Max-D blasters of similar size, the Super Soaker 40 is largely obsolete. But, the Super Soaker 40 is impressive for a classic era blaster. When I first acquired my Super Soaker 40 in 2002, it was a relatively undocumented blaster. Read More

News and Updates

January 17, 2018: Major new initiative and content expansion underway! A History link has been added to the main navigation. This section will chronicle the history of the Super Soaker from its invention by Lonnie Jonhson through the early 1990s. While other websites organizations have covered the invention of the Super Soaker in some detail, I believe I will be writing the first comprehensive account of the controversy surrounding the Super Soaker in the early 1990s. The first section, a short biography of Lonnie Jonhson and the invention of the Super Soaker has been added. I am looking to write the other sections sometime soon.

June 18, 2017: 17 Years Strong, hosting renewed.

June 21, 2016: Hosting renewed for an additional year. Next month marks Aqua-Zone's 16th year.

June 22, 2015: All XP reviews have been converted to new format. With the completion of this task the entire website has been switched to the new style, and I did it in under three years! I have not been able to take new pictures of my remaining XP blasters (a few reviewed are long gone from my collection). Hopefully, this will be completed sometime before the close of the year. When the photography is taken I am also aiming to complete reviews for the XP-20, XP-55 and Super Soaker 60.

June 12, 2015: Hosting renewed. Aqua-Zone turns 15 next month! The 15th Anniversary logo is a nod to AZ's first year on the web.

June 11, 2014: Hosting renewed for one additional year. Next month marks 14 years of Aqua-Zone on the web!

March 16, 2014: Super Soaker 25 review posted, the first new review in eight years! I got this blaster on E-Bay over the summer. Read the review.

February 1, 2014: Using Archive.org I have recovered all the news updates from 2002 that was lost when brinkster.com deleted my account for inactivity many years ago. These updated have been added into the News Archive.

January 30, 2014: The Strategy & Tips section has been converted to the new layout. The content was revised mainly to address errors and clarity issues. The Archives section has also been converted to the new format. The News Archive is now in sequential order and news from parts of 2001 has been found on my old Tripod server.

June 22, 2013: All Super Charger and Monster reviews upgraded to the new layout, and new pictures have been taken if I still own the blaster. Super Soaker 25 and XP-55 have been acquired, expect detailed reviews by the end of the month. Only the XP reviews and Strategy/Tips need to be changed to the new style.

June 5, 2013: Featured review changed, happy 20th birthday Super Soaker 40! Super Soaker 50 review also updated. All CPS reviews have been changed to the new style, and new pictures have been added for the CPS-1000, 1700, 3200, 1-3-5, and 2100.

June 4, 2013: Web hosting renewed for an additional year. All Super Soaker Classic pages updated to new format. New pictures and updated reviews coming soon for Super Soaker 40,50, and 100.

January 8, 2013: Conversion of main pages (review pages, links on main menu) has been completed. Icon created for tabbed browsers. Considerations for new content also being entertained.

December 3, 2012: Aqua-Zone 4.0 has been launched today. This change to the homepage is the most significant style change to Aqua-Zone in a decade. The look and coding of Aqua-Zone has been refreshed and brought up to date, while still maintaining the classic Aqua-Zone look. There is no firm time table to begin conversion of the entire website. I will keep everyone posted.

June 26, 2012: "At a Glance" pages have been added for the XP line and the Super Soaker Classic line. Now users can view all of these blaster lines at once for quicker identification. All "At a Glance" pages are now done, it only took five years.

June 25, 2012: All XP reviews have been edited for grammar and clarity. The links to the XP Triple Play and XP-215 have been fixed, they pointed to the old server of this website that was deleted many years ago. The search engine has been tweaked to provide more results. News from 2007 has been moved to the News Archive.

June 22, 2012: A few minor updates, the Monster X, Monster (2001), CPS-4100, XP-310, Super Soaker 100, and XP-95 reviews have been updated and rewritten, check them out. A glitch on the Ranking System page that caused the drop down menu to not function has been fixed. New featured review, the XP-310. Re added to the website for the first time since 2004 is a brief little introduction on the main page. I figured it would be useful for people who arrived here through Google.

June 21, 2012: This website was down about a week or so since I neglected to renew the domain in a timely manner. But worry not, we are back for at least one more year. Since the cost of continuing to run Aqua-Zone is becoming burdensome I have now added a PayPal donate button. Aqua-Zone has never asked for handouts during the twelve years we have served the water warfare community, but if you can spare a few dollars I would greatly appreciate it, and you can help make sure this website will be around in 2013.

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