The following websites are generally considered to be among the best in the water warfare community, and my personal favorites. Most of these websites are still updated on a somewhat regular basis with the exception of Super Soaker Central and Aqua-Nexus.

iSoaker.com The oldest and most comprehensive Super Soaker website that has always been frequently updated.

WaterWar.net The most active online community of water warfare enthusiasts, and the brainchild of iSoaker.com.

SS Central Has a large repository of Super Soaker information.

Duke Soak'em This new website has some great reviews and excellent pictures.

Aqua Nexus Though not active, Aqua Nexus was a premier Super Soaker website throughout the early 2000s.

HydroWar Operated by a long time member of the community, HydroWar has been around almost as long as Aqua-Zone!