Max-D 2000

Max-D 2000 (2002)

Type: Small Blaster Use: Backup
Nozzle: 1x Endurance: 8/10 Range: 7/10
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The Max-D 2000 is a very useful Super Soaker if you can work around a few problems. About the size of a XP-220, this blaster can probably tango with a XP-70 user. The Max-D 2000 is the smallest blaster of the Maximum Distance family, and it uses pressurized reservoir technology like all small Super Soakers. Because of this, it takes a fair number of pumps to bring it to full pressure. The capacity is about what is expected for a blaster of this class. As for range, this blaster delivers on the maximum distance tag line. It shoots a potent stream of water further than a XP-220.

Although a great blaster for introducing children to water warfare, it has some problems when used by people with adult sized hands. The handle is very small on this blaster and my pinky finger is constantly sliding off, having no place to go. The pump is also pretty small and my fingers want to get jammed at the end of the shaft, but the XP-220 had similar issues. The refill tube is quite small, and trying to fill this blaster up with a hose will require patience or else the user will splash water around. Firing the Max-D 2000 emits a fairly distinct sound from the trigger, making sneak attacks harder.

Despite these few issues the Max-D 2000 is a great little Super Soaker. If given the choice between a XP-20/220 or this blaster, I would opt for the Max-D 2000. The performance boost makes up for the awkward grip and pump. I would recommended the Max-D 2000 as a backup or sidearm, or a sneak attack blaster.

Pros: Light and easy to store in a backpack. It has excellent range and power for a blaster of this size, making it an ideal back up.
Cons: Can be too small for people with big hands in the grip and pump. Trigger is noisy.
Overall Rating: 8/10

Generation One Max-D Blaster
Max-D 2000 Box Art Preceded By: XP-220
Succeeded By: N/A
Release Price: $6.99 (USA)
US Patent: 5,305,919/5,339,987
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 13200

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