Max-D 3000

Max-D 3000 (2002)

Type: High Power Small Blaster Use: Backup
Nozzle: 1.5x Endurance: 8/10 Range: 8/10
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The Max-D 3000 is sandwiched between the XP-220 and XP-240 in terms of size, but easily outperforms the two in both range and power. Like most small sized Max-D blasters there are a few issues, but overall this is one of the best Super Soakers for a backup blaster.

Sporting a larger nozzle than both the XP-220 and XP-240, and more capacity compared to a XP-220, it exceeds their range by a few feet, it is a worthy successor the venerable small XP blasters. I even noticed a little bit of a kickback when firing the Max-D 3000. One of the minor issues about this blaster is that the nozzle is tilted at an angle. When pointed seemingly straight it will actually fire at an angle, something annoying for a first time user. But repeat users will quickly get the hang of it. Perhaps the most annoying attribute of the Max-D 3000 is trigger grip. For an adult sized hand there is absolutely no room for the pinkie finger. At least on the Max-D 2000 it just sort of hangs off. On this blaster the pump shaft meets the trigger grip, so the pinky winds up having to touch the shaft. I could see this being irritating if using this blaster for an extended duration. Like other Max-D?s the 3000 emits a loud click when depressing the trigger. Refilling the Max-D 3000 is straight forward, and it takes less than 10 pumps to fully pressurize the blaster. Because it uses pressurized reservoir technology, the peak stream does drop off after a few seconds.

Overall the Max-D 3000 is an excellent backup Super Soaker, and can outperform many smaller XP sized blasters. I prefer the Max-D 3000 over the 2000 because it is easier to refill, and the pump shaft is longer. However, I would not choose this as a primary blaster not only because of its small size, but also because the blaster?s grip is so uncomfortable.

Pros: Very light and easier to refill and pump compared to Max-D 2000. Delivers a potent stream of water for a blaster of this size.
Cons: One of the most awkward trigger grips in Super Soaker history.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Generation One Max-D Blaster
Max-D 3000 Box Art Preceded By: XP-240
Succeeded By: N/A
Release Price: $8~ (USA)
US Patent:5,305,919, 5,339,987
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 13300

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