Max-D 4000

Max-D 4000 (2002)

Type: High Power Small Blaster Use: Backup
Nozzle: 2x Endurance: 8/10 Range: 8/10
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

When I first reviewed the Max-D 4000 in 2002 I wrote that Super Soaker may be on the rebound based on the impressive performance of this blaster. While my prediction on a new golden age of Super Soakers was terribly incorrect, my opinion on this particular Super Soaker remains unchanged. The Max-D 4000 is really a great backup Super Soaker, and in my opinion it packs the punch of a XP-105 or XP-110 shot, though it does not hold its pressure as long. The range on this blaster really shines, and I believe the Max-D trigger system really becomes evident with blasters in this size range. Despite the comparisons I made earlier to the SC-400 and XP-65, the reservoir is indeed smaller on this blaster. So, if you are picking a backup based on capacity I would still go with a SC-400.

Much like the Max-D 3000, the main flaw with this blaster is the grip. An adult sized hand will have no place for the pinky finger, and even the ring finger will feel the squeeze. When firing this blaster level it may shoot at an angle depending on how you hold it, it always seems to when I use it. Pumping is quick and painless, and that whoopee cushion sound emitted by the XP-40 and XP-240 is history.

Overall, I am not hesitant to recommend the Max-D 4000 as a backup for a user not worried about capacity. If one is planning a long trek from a hose, a better blaster in this size range would be a Super Charger 400. If one can overcome the irritations of the grip, the Max-D 4000 is a great blaster. An experienced user could easily handle most XP users, and a quick attack on a CPS user is not out of the question.

Pros: Great stream of water, a hose can fit into the refill tube.
Cons: One of the most awkward trigger grips in Super Soaker history. Low capacity for size of blaster
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Generation One Max-D Blaster
Max-D 3000 Box Art Preceded By: XP-65
Succeeded By: N/A
Release Price: $8~ (USA)
US Patent:5,305,919, 5,339,987
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 13400

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