Max-D 5000

Max-D 5000 (2002)

Type: Medium Blaster Use: Heavy Backup, Light Primary
Nozzle: 2x Endurance: 8/10 Range: 7/10
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The Max-D 5000 is the spiritual successor to the XP-270. But, it is not a technical one. This blaster is hobbled by the lack of a separate pressure chamber. It only has a fake plastic one. This means the Max-D 5000 under performs for a blaster of this size range. Despite this major short coming it does out range the XP-270 by about a foot. But, this is not enough to make up for the lack of a firing chamber.

The Max-D 5000 does seem a little more sturdy compared to a XP-270, but the praise ends there. The initial blast on my particular 5000 was misty, and the pressure quickly drops off. Because it needs to pressurize the reservoir, it takes quite a bit of pumping to charge this blaster. The refill cap is slanted, making reloading more cumbersome compared to similar XP blasters. The colors on this thing are straight from outer space, and the weird molding connecting the pump and trigger is gaudy and unnecessary. At least this blaster is a little easier on the fingers compared to the Max-D 3000/4000, but someone with larger hands may disagree.

The bottom line on the Max-D 5000 is that it is the weak spot of this family of Super Soakers. I would prefer a XP-70 or XP-270 over this blaster. The Max-D 5000 would have been infinitely better if it was provided with a separate firing chamber, something Larami did for its predecessors the XP-70 and XP-270.

Pros: Good range, decent capacity
Cons: No separate firing chamber, noisy trigger
Overall Rating: 6/10

Generation One Max-D Blaster
Max-D 5000 Box Art Preceded By: XP-270
Succeeded By: N/A
Release Price: $10~ (USA)
US Patent:5,238,149, 5,339,987
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 13500

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