Max-D 6000

Max-D 6000 (2002)

Type: Medium Primary Blaster Use: Primary Blaster
Nozzle: .5x-3x (multiple) Endurance: 8/10 Range: 8/10
Pressurizes Via: Two Pressure Chambers

The Max-D 6000 was released in 2002, and replaced the XP-310 as the largest medium non CPS blaster on the market. The MD-6000 incorporates Max-D technology which results in a longer range when firing. An interesting thing to note is that instead of firing from the top nozzle like most previous XP?s did, the MD-6000 fires from the bottom nozzle. Also this blaster feels like it is built tough, and built to last. The 6000 pumps fairly quickly and the pressure gauge does a fair job of alerting the user when their blaster is near fully charged. Firing times are generally all right. Naturally the larger the nozzle the shorter the firing time is. The black body of the 6000 is an excellent step in the right direction compared to the gaudy colors seen on many Super Soakers. One thing to note though is earlier models had black pumps too; however newer models now have a yellow pump. When compared to XP?s of its size the MD-6000 makes a formidable enemy. Even perhaps better than the XP-150. Overall the 6000 makes an excellent medium primary blaster. Capable of tangoing with all XP?s and an experienced user can try to snipe out CPS users.

Pros: Good range, great color, multiple nozzles.
Cons: No match for an experienced CPS user
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Generation One Max-D Blaster
Max-D 6000 Box Art Preceded By: XP-310
Succeeded By: N/A
Release Price: $15 (USA)
US Patent:5,238,149, 5,339,987
© 2001 Larami Limited
Item Number: 13600

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