The Max-D line of Super Soakers was launched in 2002 to replace the XP line. Max-D is short for Maximum Distance. Upon release of the line Larami claimed that Max-D blasters were capable of out-ranging existing XP Super Soakers by nearly ten feet.

Aqua-Zone testing showed that Max-D blasters had about a two to four foot advantage over XP’s of comparable size. Max-D blasters all incorporate a new trigger system that allows for the added range. Some have criticized the new trigger system, saying it is more fragile then the previous system. Many websites and forums reported of broken Max-D triggers upon their initial release in 2002.

Externally the Max-D line is perhaps the most durable brand of Super Soakers the webmaster has worked with. Most Max-D’s make ideal side arms and backups, and the Max-D 6000 is probably suitable for a main blaster in most situations. Before being discontinued in 2004, the Max-D line represented the most basic and popular line of Super Soakers available.

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