SuperChargers: The Super Charger series of Super Soakers was launched in 1999 with the tagline “Charge It! Pump It!” The Super Charger series received favorable reviews upon release and some people, myself included speculated that it would replace or supplement the XP line. The first Super Chargers to debut was the SC-400, SC-500, SC-600 and the favorite of many, the SC-Power Pak. The 400, 500, and 600 were medium sized blasters. The 400 used pressurized reservoir technology and the 500, 600, and Power Pak used CPS technology. In 2000, the Super Charger 400 received a new brightly colored paintjob and the SC Triple Charge and SC Big Trouble were released. The Big Trouble was a replacement for the Power Pak. After 2001, the Super Charger technology was incorporated into other lines of Super Soakers and was not a unique series.

Monster Series: The Monster Series was the culmination of Larami’s efforts to create large size Super Soakers that could be marketed to a teen audience. The Monster line was released in the year 2000 and the first two blasters were the Monster and Monster XL. The Monster XL is the largest Super Soaker ever released, and comes equipped with a bi-pod. Although colossal in size, neither the Monster nor the Monster XL had the dreaded 20x nozzle found on some CPS class blasters. All Monster class Super Soakers also have the ability to take advantage of the Super Charger QFD, and even have their own reinforced QFD’s (see below). 2001 brought some changes to the Monster line. The original Monster was renamed the Monster X to make room for the new Monster, a smaller CPS based Super Soaker. The year 2002 brought a new paintjob for the Monster X and a reduction in size of the Monster XL, perhaps as a cost saving measure. Today, Monster series blasters are sought after collector’s items. Although large and intimidating, the Monster series is not the best for most water wars. The huge size, weight, and difficulty in changing nozzles make using Monster class blasters a burdensome task even for a professional water warrior.

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The Quick Fill Device (Q.F.D.)

Left to Right: Second version QFD, Monster Series QFD, Original QFD

The Quick Fill Device is a screw-on attachment for any garden hose that allows Super Soakers to be filled via the Super Charger method. Only Super Soakers that come with a QFD may be filled using the Super Charger method. The original QFD made its debut in 1999 and was criticized for totally monopolizing a hose. If one wanted to refill a regular blaster from a hose using the QFD they would have to remove the QFD. This is a very time consuming process. Larami responded by releasing the second version of the QFD the next year. This QFD had a valve that would release water, allowing non Super Charger blasters to refill without removing the QFD. Although this is a plus, the stream of water released is highly pressurized and makes refilling more difficult compared to a hose without an attachment. The QFD in the middle is for Monster series blasters. Supposedly the extra silver plastic was reinforced because the Monster series put too much weight on a standard QFD.