Super Soaker 100

Super Soaker 100 (1991)

Type: Medium Blaster Use: Primary Blaster
Pressurizes Via: One Pressure Chamber

The Super Soaker 100 was my very first Super Soaker. I received it most likely in the spring of 1992 from my parents, I remember going shopping with them at a Toys R'Us. I loved my Super Soaker 100, and was pleased that most of my adversaries of the time only had a Super Soaker 50, although I would occasionally come up against a fellow SS-100 user. In those days I don't remember ever seeing a Super Soaker 200, but I was a very young child. This dinosaur of a Super Soaker reigned supreme while many users still had little squirt pistols or a SS-50. The SS-100 was the very first blaster to feature a separate pressure chamber.

The Super Soaker 100 was a fragile blaster, and mine broke perhaps two years later for reasons I don't precisely remember. My current Super Soaker 100 was purchased new sometime around 2001. Using a Super Soaker 100 in the 2010s should be done so very gently. For this reason I don't recommend lending it to a friend or using it for anything more than a casual water fight. Compared to XP blasters the SS-100 feels very flimsy, and pumping the blaster should be done with care. It is also a fairly large blaster compared to the power of the nozzle. This does give you one significant advantage though, compared to XP blasters the reservoir of the SS-100 lasts a very long time, and allows you to spend more time away from a hose. If the SS-100 was sturdier I would still recommend it as a backup to this day, but I would be wary about putting one in a backpack. I would not heartily endorse using a SS-100 today, primarily because of the fragility and rarity of the blaster, and also because of the small nozzle. But, the Super Soaker 100 is surely a respectable blaster, and perhaps worthy of consideration in a water fight if the availability of water refills may be less than desired. In 1998 a SS-100 with a new color scheme was said to be released, I have never seen one in person. If you still have a working Super Soaker 100 treat it with respect and it should continue to serve you well for years to come.

Pros: Good reservoir capacity
Cons: Fragile, outclassed by most blasters of same size.
Rating: 6.5/10
Review Updated: June 2012, June 2013

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