Super Soaker 25

Super Soaker 25 (1993)

Type: Small Blaster Use: Backup
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir
Range: 5/10 Endurance: 7/10
Ease of Use: 6/10

The Super Soaker 25 is a 1993 release Super Soaker. It is one of the very few Super Soakers that is pressurized by a pump located in the handle of the blaster. It features a green body and yellow reservoir. The reservoir is very small, and cannot be 100% filled because empty space is needed to allow pressurization. When fully charged the blaster emits a decent stream of water and has respectable range. However, the blaster fires at full charge very briefly before it requires more pumping. To make matters worse, it is very hard to pump and fire this blaster and maintain a steady aim because of the location of the pump. In the early 1990s this blaster was formidable for its size, but today is thoroughly outclassed by any blaster of similar size in the XP or Max-D lineup.

The Super Soaker 25 must be viewed within the era it was created in. Trying to compare it to Super Soakers released even a few years later is like comparing an 18th century musket to a modern combat weapon. Despite the blasters limitations it is worthy of some praise. The construction seems solid for a classic era blaster, and the pump seems firmly constructed. This blaster can be fickle when it hasn't been used for some time, and I don't believe it's because this Super Soaker is over 20 years old. On the reverse of the reservoir the following is printed "When gun is new or has been sitting unused for a long time, pump minimum 40 times while pulling trigger or until water comes out of nozzle." I have experienced this personally, and the blaster sputtered back to life when I followed the directions. If a blaster was missing this label, or a user simply didn't take the time to read it could easily be mistaken as broken. Once it is working, it's easy to use, and fits into an adult sized hand well. The design of the Super Soaker is rugged enough for it to be concealed or placed in a backpack without fear of it breaking, something I wouldn?t recommend with many classic era blasters. The main issue with the Super Soaker 25 is the tiny reservoir and odd pump placement. A Max-D 2000 or XP-220 is a far more practical choice of small water blasters. Overall, I like the Super Soaker 25 because of its unique design, but like many classic blasters it is best kept as a treasured collectible, and not something to use in a water fight.

Pros: Rugged design, easy to conceal
Cons: Very small reservoir, hard to pump and fire at same time.
Rating: 5.5/10

Super Soaker 25 Super Soaker 25 with pump extended.

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