Super Soaker 40

Super Soaker 40 (1993)

Type: Small Blaster Use: Side-arm
Nozzle: 0.5x Endurance: 5/10 Range: 5/10
Pressurizes Via: Reservoir

The Super Soaker 40 was released in 1993, and is a pretty decent side-arm. However, given the availability of more well-constructed XP or Max-D blasters of similar size, the Super Soaker 40 is largely obsolete. But, the Super Soaker 40 is impressive for a classic era blaster. When I first acquired my Super Soaker 40 in 2002, it was a relatively undocumented blaster.

The construction of the Super Soaker 40 definitely feels sturdier compared to a Super Soaker 50 or Super Soaker 100, and mine has operated without any hiccups for over 10 years. The Super Soaker 40 largely surpasses the Super Soaker 50 in many ways. Besides the reduced water capacity of a few ounces, the smaller Super Soaker 40 performs nearly identically to the SS-50. But, the Super Soaker 40 really excels over the SS-50 in terms of construction and amount of pumping required. This blaster is pressurized via the reservoir, so do not fill the reservoir to maximum capacity. One of my favorite things about classic blasters in general is their great capacity, though it is at the trade off of a smaller nozzle. The Super Soaker 40 is no exception, and this blaster will need to be refilled less compared to a similar sized XP. The shot power is decent and the initial blast does deliver a decent sting, and has decent range. Pumping while firing the blaster will help to maintain pressure. When doing this the blaster can fire at peak strength for quite a while.

Another thing I like about the Super Soaker 40, and pretty much most classics is their ease of use for adults. The Super Soaker 40 fits snugly in the hands of an adult or child, and although the pump track is short, my hand never makes contact with the blaster. The trigger guard is well placed, and the grip is equally as comfortable.

Almost all similar sized XP and Max-D blasters can overpower the Super Soaker 40, and for this reason it does not serve much of a purpose when those blasters are available. I would only opt for the Super Soaker 40 if I knew I would have little access to refills. You will definitely get further on a full Super Soaker 40 tank compared to a XP-40.

Pros: Sturdy for a classic blaster, the blaster doesn?t need to be filled too often. Very comfortable to use and operate
Cons: Not particularly well built compared to many XP and Max-D blasters, nozzle isn?t very large, much pumping required.

Generation Two Super Soaker Classic
SS40,50,and 100 Preceded By: N/A
Succeeded By: XP-35
Release Price: $5~ (USA)
US Patent: 5,074,437
© 1992 Larami Limited
Item Number: 9948-0

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