Super Soaker M.D.S.

Super Soaker M.D.S. (Multi Directional Soaker) (1993?)

Type: Medium Blaster Use: Special-ops
Pressurizes Via: One Pressure Chamber

The Super Soaker M.D.S. (Multi Directional Soaker) was released around 1993, and is my personal favorite and most useful novelty Super Soaker released to this day. The MDS is based on the SS-60, and features a swivel nozzle which allows the user to position the nozzle to were he/she desires. Basically, this lets the user change direction of the water stream without changing the orientation of the soaker. Because of this, the Super Soaker MDS is especially useful for shooting around corners. The range is average for a super soaker of that day. Like most soakers of the classic line it is fairly delicate, but feels more sturdy compared to a SS-50/100. Although the S.S. MDS is overpowered by most late 90s Super Soakers, its unique ability makes it useful for special operations.

Image Courtesy of AquaNexus

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