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Exclusive Water War Tactics vs. Military Based Tactics: In the early 2000s, parts of the water-warfare community quarreled over the use of military tactics in a water battle. Some supported it and considered it to be applicable. Others denounced it, explaining that a water battle is a whole different ball game. Here at Aqua Zone I believe that there are some uses for military style tactics, but most large-scale tactics are not effective. First lets talk about real guns that shoot bullets and kill people and a Super Soaker. Guns have a lot more range, guns can kill, if you fire a gun at an angle that wont help you get better range. Even Roman tactics won't help you too much, you don't have archers, and I assume you don't have cavalry (though that would be interesting). There are some military style things that can be useful though. The use of hand signals or military talk can be effective. But a large military or ancient Greek tactic WON'T work because weapons are different, range is different and many other factors. It's best to develop water-war only tactics. In World War I trench warfare was common, in a soaker battle if you built a trench chances are you would lose, lose really bad. I can't urge more to develop soaker only tactics. Paintball Tactics and Soaker tactics don't mix either. Overall while small basic things may work, anything above hand signals and planning patrol routes based on military ones won't usually work effectively or work at all.