The XP line of Super Soakers debuted in 1994. XP, which stands for Extra Power (in later years stylized “Xtra Power”), replaced the original lineup of Super Soakers.

The first series of XP blasters comprised of the XP-75 a single reservoir blaster, XP-150, a fan favorite, the XP-250, and a re-released Super Soaker 300 dubbed the XP-300. The 1995 season introduced the XP-95 (one pressure chamber), XP-35, and XP-55. 1996 brought the short lived XXP subseries, the XXP-175 and 275. The XXP subseries had two barrels, instead of the typical one. 1998 brought the golden age of the series, with the XP-20, 40, 70 (one pressure chamber), 110 (two pressure chamber). 1999 contained the novelty XP-90 pulse fire. 2000 saw modifications of 1998 lineup theme with the XP-220,240,270, and XP-310. By 2001, the XP line began to decline. The XP-Backfire and Triple Play received mostly poor reviews. During 2001 all 2000 series blasters continued to remain available. However all 2001 era Super Soakers have the slogan “Super Soak Me!” (Changed from wetter is better) appearing on the box artwork and blaster logo.

In 2002 the XP line was officially replaced by the Max-D system. However certain boxed sets of XP soakers appeared to still be available in select stores. Other XP blasters have also been re-released since 2002, a re-released XP-70 has been available as late as 2006.

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XP Blaster Logos 1994-2000